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Week 8 Fantasy Football Weekend Injury Report: DeMarco Murray (Q)

Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray was limited again in practice on Friday and is officially listed as questionable. According to the Dallas Morning News, Murray has a 50/50 chance of playing on Sunday against the Lions. The decision will reportedly be made after seeing Murray’s response to practice this week and how he looks and feels prior to kickoff on Sunday. This appears to be shaping up as a true game time decision.

Injury Outlook: MCL sprains in the knee are difficult to gauge because an intact medial collateral ligament is imperative for a player to be able to do any sort of cutting, planting, and sprinting with comfort. Any laxity (looseness) of this ligament causes serious instability in the knee and, although not to the same extent as an ACL tear, can lead to a significant compensation and fear-avoidance when out on the field.

Ultimately, the last thing you want is for a guy to push himself to be out there and not play confidently, as the only thing worse than playing in pain is playing in fear. When a player plays not to get hurt, it most definitely makes it much more likely that said player WILL hurt himself. 

We won’t know how well Murray can run and cut and plant until Sunday morning, which is apparently when the ultimate decision will be made on whether he plays or not. If Murray does play, the expectation would be that he won’t get his full complement of touches in an effort to avoid re-injury and to keep his legs fresh. But at this point, we’re looking at a 50/50 deal here, so make sure you do have an adequate replacement if you plan on waiting until the last second to set your lineup.

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