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Week 8 Fantasy Football Weekend Injury Report: Larry Fitzgerald (P)

Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald continues to be less than 100% due to a hamstring issue, but refuses to use that as an excuse for his down numbers. Fitz has been struggling all season, catching on 32 passes thus far and is headed for a career low in receptions. Fitzgerald is currently listed as probable for this Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Injury Outlook: Ya, he’s less than 100%, there’s not doubt about it. Without a fully healthy and functioning hamstring, it’s extremely difficult for a WR to sprint, change speeds, decelerate, and run with normal strides, so you can see why it’d be difficult for any wideout to perform at his maximum capacity. Fitz is a gamer, so you know he’ll be out there, we just don’t know what his level of effectiveness will be.

This seems to be a decent matchup for Fitz because the Falcons rely on a ton of young guys in their secondary, which means he won’t be lined up across from the likes of Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis. If I had to guess, I think this turns out to be one of Fitz’s better games of the year, but that’s more me making a gut call than anything else. Chances are you don’t really have anyone who can immediately provide more upside than what Fitz offers, so you’re probably stuck playing him and hoping for the best. There’s worse situations to be in, but it doesn’t make this one any more fun. Stay tuned.

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