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Week 9 Fantasy Football Injury Report: CJ Spiller

Buffalo Bills RB C.J. Spiller missed Week 8 with a high ankle sprain and appears to be on a “wait-and-see” timeline as we move forward. Spiller has been dealing with this issue for weeks before the Bills’ coaching and training staff decided to shut him down for 1 week to see how he would respond.

Injury Outlook: The fact that there is still this much uncertainty and speculation about his availability leads me to believe that one week of rest just isn’t enough. And knowing what we know about high ankle sprains, especially for someone who played through it for weeks, I’d say one week is not nearly enough time to restore full health.

Spiller makes his living on being shifty, quick, and decisive in his movements, all things that are significantly limited when dealing with a high ankle sprain. He just will not be able to rely on and trust that ankle with quick cutting motions due to the amount of instability this type of sprain leads to. He just won’t be able to play like himself if he’s even mildly limited by this injury.

With as well as Fred Jackson has held up and played this season, the Bills shouldn’t be in a rush to get Spiller back on the field, especially before he’s fully ready to. My guess is that Spiller misses another week with an eye on a Week 10 return, but we’ll monitor his status this week to see if that holds true.

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