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Week 9 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Michael Vick

What is there to say about Michael Vick that hasn’t already been said? After leaving their Week 8 loss with ANOTHER strained hamstring (the same one he had previously missed time for), Vick’s availability for beyond Week 9 is in serious doubt.

Injury Outlook: Vick himself said he heard a “pop” in his hamstring, which can mean a variety of things, one of which is nothing at all. Our bodies make noises all the time, sometimes it means absolutely nothing and sometimes it’s directly associated with a pathology. In Vick’s case, a popping sound with a muscle strain is theoretically possible, but typically is not associated with a full or partial tear. It can, however, be associated with ligament or tendon rupture, but neither of these conditions have been reported in Vick’s case.

Vick likely suffered a mid to high grade 2 strain (speculation at this point) of the hamstring, which will likely lead to him missing multiple weeks. The exact severity and location of the strain with dictate how many weeks that will be, but it would not surprise me at all to see him miss anywhere from 4-5 weeks, which is consistent with a return to play after a grade 2 muscle strain.

Monitor this more on a week to week basis than anything else to see if there are any positive signs of his impending return. In his stead, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley will be splitting duties, as Foles should be the likely starter if he’s able to get through this whole week symptom-free after suffering a concussion two weeks ago. Either way, the Eagles offense looks to be in shambles, more so if Barkley is thrust into the starting job for the foreseeable future.

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