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Week 9 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Percy Harvin

The Seattle Seahawks appear to be inching closer to get getting their entire offensive arsenal out on the field at the same time as Percy Harvin has a chance to be ready for this Sunday’s game. Harvin has been out all season after having surgery to repair a partially torn labrum in his hip. Harvin had surgery in early August of this year.

Injury Outlook: If Harvin does return this week, it would place him roughly 3 months post surgery, which was and is considered the absolute best case scenario for his return. The initial timeframe given to Harvin was 3-4 months after surgery, which I thought was optimistic as well.

Each surgery is different, as it depends on the severity of the tear (partial is a very broad word), presence of debris/waste product in the joint that needed to be cleaned up, and if any of the joint surfaces had “worn down” over time. Because Harvin is only 25, it’s unlikely that he had a significant amount of cartilage wearing, but some is possible due to the physical demands of being a professional athlete. The more the surgeons had to do during the arthroscopic surgery, the longer the healing and recovery time.

Early reports are that Harvin has progressed really well, regaining mobility and burst, which can be difficult to get back this early in the process without compromising the stability of the joint (remember, the labrum provides depth and stability to the hip, allowing for freedom of motion without risk of subluxation/dislocation). One NFL comparison we can look at is the recovery of Ed Reed, who took over 4 months to return to the lineup as he was having difficulty getting back his range of motion and the ability to open up his hips, which is vital for a defensive back.

So what does this really mean about his chances of playing in Week 9? Harvin will be day-to-day as we move forward, but it looks like he has a legitimate chance of suiting up. The Seahawks will reportedly ease him back into the lineup, especially considering they have a bye Week 12 and can ramp him up before then knowing he’ll get some rest at that point. There were reports that Harvin had a minor setback as he attempted to return to Monday night’s game against the Rams, so we’ll have to monitor his participation this week and follow up Friday when injury designations come out.

At this point, be cautiously optimistic that he’ll play, but have a solid replacement for him just in case the week doesn’t progress as expected.

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