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Week 9 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Robert Griffin III


Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III left Sunday’s game with an apparent left knee injury and did not return as a precaution. Griffin was examined on the sideline by Dr. James Andrews and everything appeared to check out okay. Griffin even tried to return to the game before Coach Mike Shanahan put a stop to it, saying after the game that it was a precaution based on the juncture of the game and the score. Griffin’s repaired knee is his right knee.

Injury Outlook: The great news is that this injury didn’t happen to his involved knee and that he was able to bounce back up and attempt to get back in the game. However, when a person deals with this many ligament injuries to one region of his body, it’s hard to believe that another injury isn’t always lurking, just waiting to rear its ugly head.

Some folks are born with joint laxity, which is basically a looseness of their joints all over their bodies. This also can be an adaptive development over time, usually occurring in people who place a lot of stress on their joints, causing repetitive microtrauma to the ligament, which ends up remodeling itself in this looser organization. Because RGIII has this history of knee ligament pathology, it stands to be concerned whether this will be a lingering issue moving forward or not.

Now, this new injury to his left knee appears to be very minor and should not limit his short term ability to stay on the field. Coach Shanahan did report that he expects RGIII to be on the practice field Wednesday as he normally would, so this appears to be another dodged bullet for a big name quarterback this season.

Keep an eye on how RGIII looks moving forward. If he looks to be even the slightest bit limited by this issue, I wouldn’t blame you for looking to sell high on him after one good performance to a more stable option at QB1.

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