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Week 11 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Jay Cutler

Week 11 Injury Quick Hits

Well, that miraculous return was pretty short lived, huh? Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler left Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions with a high ankle sprain, which occurred on the same side as his torn groin muscle. According to Bears’ coach Mark Trestman, Cutler will definitely be out this week and is considered “week to week” at this time:


Injury Outlook: High ankle sprains are typically very difficult to come back from, whether in the presence of another injury or not. But QBs can play through these injuries and still be effective, so long as the sprain isn’t significant (I’m thinking low level grade 2 at the most). The complicating factor for Cutler is that he never really looked fully comfortable to begin with playing on that torn groin muscle, which was very evident every time he tried to drop back to pass. He was not able to fully stride or transfer weight to his left leg well at all and it really affected his performance.

You’re going to hear the term “cascade injury” thrown around a lot this week, which basically insinuates that this most recent injury (high ankle sprain) happened as a result of playing through or after a primary injury (torn groin muscle). This is very common with guys coming back too soon or attempting to play through an injury that they maybe shouldn’t be pushing. Our bodies have an amazing way of figuring out a way to get the job done, which sometimes happens at the expense of healthy areas that need to pick up the slack for an injured body region. In this case, did Cutler sprain his ankle because he was hobbling around on an already injured left leg? Very possibly, especially when you think about the mechanics of his throwing motion without being able to fully stride on the left side. This can lead to constant planting of the toes first, which could lead to excessive force being placed through the anterior (front) part of the ankle.

Looks like it’s Josh McCown back at the helm of the Bears offense, which isn’t such a bad thing when you consider how bad Cutler looked out there. Expect this to be a multi-week injury for sure.

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