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Week 11 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Quick Hits


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  • Tony Gonzalez (toe): Gonzalez left Sunday’s game briefly after suffering an injury to his left big toe. No word at this moment about the extent or type of injury he suffered, but he was reportedly limping around in the locker room post game. When asked if he’ll play in Week 11, all he could say was “We’ll see“. Expect more information to come out as the week goes on, but with the Falcons 2-7 on the season, he may not have much urgency to suit up. Stay tuned.
  • Vernon Davis (concussion): Davis had to leave Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers after suffering a head injury. Davis will be put through protocol this week, so don’t expect much legitimate information about his availability until Thursday at the earliest, as the 5-stage ImPACT protocol typically lasts at least 4-5 days.
  • Terrelle Pryor (MCL sprain): Pryor didn’t look quite right this weekend, not scrambling and running as much as he has in the past, which seems to be due to the knee sprain he suffered last week. MCL sprains are a big deal for any runner, specifically a QB who needs his right leg under him to generate any power on his throws and to push off as he takes off to run (right handed QBs rely more on the right leg for push off, left handed QBs rely on the left leg). Pryor will likely rest and receive treatment early in the week, but there are no indications at this point that he’ll miss any time. He’s likely dealing with a grade 1 sprain, which is easily play-through-able (ya, I made that up) and should not stop him from suiting up this weekend. Whether he’ll be anywhere near 100% remains to be seen.
  • Jake Locker (Lisfranc Injury): Tough break for the Titans, as Locker was diagnosed with a Lisfranc Injury and will miss the rest of the season. Need a refresher on what a Lisfranc Injury is? I got you covered. We don’t know the specifics of Locker’s injury, but what we do know is that it’s significant enough to cause him to miss the rest of the season, so speculation would have to be that there’s some sort of fracture and dislocation involved. Locker should be fine for the 2014 season, as he’s young and has enough time to rehab prior to next year’s training camp to get himself 100% healthy.
  • Steve Johnson (groin strain): Yet another muscle injury for Johnson. This is the third time that he’s suffered a muscle strain this season, with this being the second time he’s dealt with a groin issue. He’ll try as he might to practice this week and get himself ready enough to play on Sunday, but I don’t know that he’s going to be anywhere near 100%. Re-injuries and having the same injury on both sides can really hinder a player’s mobility and effectiveness, so until we see him practice and hear reports that he’s moving well, I’d consider him day to day. This looks like it could end up being a game time decision.
  • Sean Lee (hamstring strain): Lee left Sunday’s loss to the Saints with a strained hamstring. It’s being called a hamstring strain that will sideline him 3-4 weeks, with seems to be consistent with a grade 2 strain. I tweeted last night that seeing him walk off the field with his knee in a flexed (bent) position led me to believe that this isn’t a minor issue, as a player walking to avoid extending (straightening) his knee, which places the hamstring on tension, is a sign that the strain is much more than a grade 1 strain:

              Confirmation of that though came this morning:

Expect Lee to miss the full 3 weeks and have a chance to return by Week 13.

  • Andre Brown (leg fracture): So much for easing Brown back into the lineup. He got 30 carries in his first action since fracturing his leg in the preseason, and boy he did run with authority. Barring any negative responses this week to his first game action, expect Brown to be the main back moving forward. Brown could carry a lot of value from here on out as the Giants are back in the playoff race on a three-game winning streak and he’s undoubtably the lead back. If he happens to miraculously still be available, go get him now.
  • Shane Vereen (thumb surgery): Vereen will make his much anticipated return this week against the Carolina Panthers on Monday night. I don’t expect Vereen to have a snap count, mainly because he’s dealing with a thumb issue, so conditioning and strength should not be of any concern. Expect him to resume his role as 3rd down back and play the H-back role that Aaron Hernandez played so well over the last couple years. Vereen will mark the return of the entire Patriots offensive arsenal for the first time this season. Although the Pats face a tough test this week against the Panthers, this will lead to a much more productive Pats offense for the rest of the season.
  • Marques Colston (knee): Ya, he looks pretty healthy. I’m one of those owners who got tired of waiting for Colston and put him on the waiver wire last week, so I know that patience wasn’t high with this one. But he looked as close to himself as he’s been all season, which means he’s slowly putting this knee flare up behind him. There’s no reason to believe he won’t continue to put up productive numbers, so go snatch him up if some stupid owner in your league dropped him (bows head in shame).
  • C.J. Spiller (high ankle sprain): Boy, this situation just keeps throwing us for a loop. One week he looks like he’s getting close to healthy again (Week 9), then the next weekend he’s back to hobbling around, with a significantly decreased work load. This high ankle sprain is just not going away. We’ve talked about this a bit in the past, but if someone suffers a grade 2 (which is what Spiller’s seems like) high ankle sprain, we’re looking at 3-4 weeks prior to a return to field, as this type of injury responds very poorly to repeated activity prior to allowing the healing process to occur. Spiller continued to play on it, only resting for one week in total, and that was a few weeks after he initially sprained the ankle. At this point, we know he’s a gamer and will try to gut it out, but it’s really not doing him much good. This will more than likely continue to be a week to week type deal, so we’ll check back on Friday and see if he is able to participate in practice this week before making a decision on him for Week 11.
  • Trent Richarson (sprained ankle): T-Rich looked bad on Sunday, and I’m not talking the same bad he’s looked since he joined the Colts. He wasn’t able to decisively cut on that sprained ankle and really seemed limited in terms of burst and quickness. The expectation is that he will play on a short week this Thursday, but it’s tough to trust a guy who had a full week to prepare for a game and looked as limited as he did, so Donald Brown may get an even increased workload this week whether T-Rich plays or not. I’ll update his status in my Thursday Injury Report prior to the game this week.



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