Week 10 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
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Week 10 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 10 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! This edition comes to you straight from Seoul, Korea! Explanation to follow.

By Tom SchrinerThe Fantasy Football Junkie

I’m currently 40,000 feet above see level in a massive Delta Jet Plain with my Father. We are on our way to Seoul, Korea, my birthplace and home to one half of my family. We are making the journey to be present for my Harmony’s (Grandma) funeral. It’s not something I planned on being a part of but am really glad I get the chance to be. The opportunity to travel half-way across the world is all on my Dad, without his offering to take me, this would not have happened. Thanks Dad.
Sitting here, I’m thinking about all that has happened in just the past twelve hours and all of the amazing people who helped to make this a reality. At about 5am Sunday morning, my Father calls and gives me the news. We have two choices, one is go now and make it for the funeral and two is leave in a couple of days and pay our respects a different way. I ask him what he would rather, and he said if I can get up and get going, let’s go today. I look at my Wife and she says, you gotta go (I just love her). After the packing, showering, logistical planning, waking of kids, saying goodbyes and feeling like I was shot out of a cannon, I was out the door. On my way to Louisville, a four-hour drive to meet my Dad to start the trip, onto Detroit then Korea. 
On my drive to Louisville, I am in constant contact with my Wife about how she is managing the week while I’m away. Me being a stay at home dad of two while she is working full-time creates for some serious logistical problems. But, like they always do, my In-Laws are stepping up to bat and hitting a home-run. They are each taking a day off from their work to help watch the kids and my Wife is taking her three allotted bereavement days. We have gotten a big outpouring of support from family about helping and that is, uncommon for some but completely normal with ours. When someone needs it, they come running. Everyone including our wonderful neighbors all come to the plate ready to lend a hand. It is overwhelming to know how blessed I am.
With all of this support and love I and my family have gotten and continue to get, I wonder what kind of support Jonathan Martin is getting. By now, you know the story about Martin and Richie Incognito for the Miami Dolphins. I can’t get but so disappointed in everyone that has come out and said, they thought Martin was at fault for what happened. That is ridiculous. The kid, while a grown man playing professional football, shouldn’t have to be verbally and possibly physically abused the way he was. What kind of society are we living in, that any of what Incognito is being accused of is ok? Would you accept that kind of behavior out of your kids? Would you accept it if one of your co-workers was treating you this way? But like many who have been bullied in their life, you don’t feel like saying anything will help. You do exactly what Jonathan did. Try and take it, hoping things will get better. You try to befriend the bully. You try to laugh it off. But those things rarely work and eventually Martin couldn’t take it anymore. Now we get word that Incognito was investigated prior to this all happening about a different situation. I hope that Martin can get to playing the game he loves. I hope that his teammates and colleagues will not look down on him for doing what he did. Even though some will always think he was at least partially to blame for “letting it happen”, that isn’t how you should view it. 
That can’t be how you view it. 



•  For the first time in what feels like an eternity, I will get to keep the coveted five-dollar bill! Some of you loyal readers will know what I’m talking about but if not, read more here. The short, is I have an ongoing bet with my Father-In-Law on the Lions vs Bears series. Whoever wins gets to proudly display the bill in their custom-made frame. And this year, i get to hold onto it ALL YEAR including the off-season. This makes me extremely happy, probably more happy that it should but I’m ok with that. GO LIONS!

•  Congrats to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since I’m on a plane right now, not being able to know how it all shook-out, all I saw before boarding and taking off was that they won. They have gotten off the snide and are not part of the winless group. They don’t need to worry about equalling the Lions mark of 0-16. Now let’s see what Tampa does on Monday Night Football…

•  One of the crazier scores I saw while quickly getting a glimpse at the early games was the Rams at Colts. The Rams were handing the Colts one of the crazier lopsided games in recent memory. The Colts didn’t score until the game was well out of reach late in the fourth quarter. It was truly a masterful game for Jeff Fisher, one of my favorite coaches. He and the Rams have been playing really good football without their franchise quarterback, Sam Bradford, and it showed today.

•  Thank you Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. Because of you, the Detroit Lions now hold sole possession of first place in the NFC North. I can’t remember the last time the Lions were in this position this late in the season. One again, GO LIONS! And for today, GO EAGLES!

•  After a somewhat stinker game in week 9, Drew Brees bounced back to take the top spot in week 10 scoring 31 fantasy points. His 4 TDs against the Cowboys with no picks was vintage Brees. 

•  In second place among QBs was Peyton Manning. Not surprising that he put together a masterful outing after a bye week. You don’t want to play against Peyton when he gets extra time in the film room.

•  I’m not sure how many owners took a chance on Case Keenum this week but if you did, kudos. He had another nice game and against one of the better secondaries in the NFL. He’s looking more and more like the solution with every game. He just needs to orchestrate a win and the Texans might be looking at the starting QB for 2014.

•  Coming on in relief for Jake Locker, who is now out for the season, Ryan Fitzpatrick did a nice job versus the Jaguars. Even though it wasn’t enough to win the game, he did everything he could to mount a comeback. 264 yards through the air with 3 total TDs and no INTs. Don’t be confused though, this is not a recommendation for his services going forward.

•  I don’t know if it has ever happened but three of the top five running backs this week all came from the New Orleans Saints. Pierre Thomas was the number one RB with 22 fantasy points followed by Mark Ingram with 21 and Darren Sproles with 18. Quite a day for the Saints in general but that is crazy.

•  It was really good to see Andre Brown dominate the ground game for the Giants in his first game back. So much for getting him ‘warmed up’. He carried the load to the tune of 30 carries, 115 yards with a TD. 

•  It was also nice to see LeSean McCoy get back to form rushing for a week high of 155 yards.

•  Demaryius Thomas has been doing well for his owners but had only his second 100 yard game of the season. His first ‘BIG’ game since week one. 

•  He hasn’t had many great games but Antonio Brown has been super consistent gaining over 80 yards in 6 of the past 7 games. And in PPR leagues he’s been huge by catching 5 or more in every game this season.



•  Come’on Eli Manning, this was the game. Primed and just sitting there ready to announce to the world that you could still be a fantasy football asset. But you did not. And the Giants ran the ball, controlled the clock, blah blah blah. Drop him and pick up the likes of Keenum, Tannehill or Tolzien if you have to. But whatever you do, don’t hold onto Eli. 

•  If you were to tell me Matt Forte would touch the ball twenty times and not crack 5 fantasy points against the Detroit Lions, I would have smacked you in the face and called you a bald-faced liar. Of course, I would be in the wrong though, because that is exactly what happened… GO LIONS!

•  The roller coaster, that is CJ Spiller, continues to roll up and down. This week, he was way down with just 3 fantasy points.

•  Since Reggie Wayne was injured and put on IR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, has been awful. His numbers have gone down and he can safely be dropped in all leagues. The only two receivers that you should be targeting are TY Hilton and Coby Fleener.


•  I know Eli has been bad and the offensive line has resembled an open door to Target on Black Friday but are you serious. Against the Raiders, you receive 10 targets and catch three for 37 yards…



•  While on this crazy trip, in between cell signals and wi-fi hotspots, I got a text from my Wife asking if I had written my article yet. I say only the intro because I hadn’t gotten extensive updates on games with stats, then I get this exact text, “I’ll give you a stat… Kaepernick SUX.” That was it. And so I knew, when I got a chance to look up statistics of week 10, that was one of the first I would check. And boy did I. In the league where my Wife owns, the drafted way too early in every league Colin Kaepernik, he got her negative 4 points. I could list his stats for the game, but even those aren’t even worth mentioning. It’s safe to say that he and his owners are waiting patiently for Michael Crabtree to get back on the field.

•  Oh Dwayne Bowe… you are having a terrible year for fantasy owners but in actual football terms, you were doing a good job.  So you are on an undefeated team, looking at making a deep run in the playoffs after winning two games the previous season, what do you do? Speed, get pulled over and get caught with pot in the car. Smart, really smart.

•  For the second week in a row, the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback, Seneca Wallace, left the game on the first drive with an injury. This injury, a groin tear, will end his season. Left to try and salvage the season are Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn. It’s looking like a rough finish for the Pack.

•  Hey everyone, Rashard Mendenhall is back and just as bad. 13 carries for 42 yards and fumble.

•  It used to be that if Mike Wallace caught 4 balls, the line would read 4 REC, 112 YDS, 1 TD. This week it reads 4 REC, 15 YDS. My goodness, that IS UGLY.

As always, and even more so this week with me in Korea, I’m sure that I missed an obvious candidate for week 10. Leave me a comment and tell us who it was and what made that person Good, Bad, or Ugly!

If you would like to see some pics of my Korean adventure, you can check out my Instagram account.


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