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Week 12 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Adrian Peterson

The Skinny: Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is currently dealing with a lingering groin strain, which was evident during this past Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. Peterson himself was quoted after the game that he was definitely not 100%.

[pullquote]”It was bothering me a lot. There were a couple of plays in the first half, oh man, I knew if I was able to explode the way I normally do, I could have got some big chunks — even took it to the house. That second half, I tried to get it to loosen up for me, but we couldn’t create a drive.” -Adrian Peterson[/pullquote]

The Injury: Groin injuries in general are very difficult to deal with. We’ve seen guys like Steve Johnson of the Bills deal with alternating groin strains all season, trying to push through and just not being able to shake it. The problem with this injury is that one of the most effective treatments is good ol’ fashioned rest. Continuing to place tension and stretch on a muscle that is already strained makes for a less optimal healing environment and absolutely slows down the process.

We all know that NFL players aren’t exactly partial to missing games and with all the pressure from media and fantasy bums like me on them to play and compete, it makes it difficult to do the right thing, which is receive treatment and rest.

The function of the groin musculature (hip adductors) is to pull the leg towards the midline of the body in addition to stabilizing the pelvis during single leg tasks. Think about how much cutting and accelerating/decelerating AP (or any RB) does throughout the course of a game and you can imagine how much strain is being placed on his adductors on a consistent basis. And don’t forget that AP did have surgery in the offseason for to correct a sports hernia, so don’t think for a second that these two things are completely unrelated. Put simply, the hernia causes abdominal weakness and instability, which can place extra pressure on the surrounding muscles/structures to help stabilize this injured area. That’s what we could be seeing right now.

The Prognosis: Ok, so I didn’t paint a very positive picture about AP in the last couple paragraphs. But rest assured that there’s no signs at this point of him being in danger of missing any time. He’ll get a full week of rest and treatment, maybe putting in a light practice on Friday to stay sharp. But expect AP to be listed as probable and be ready to go this Sunday, regardless of whether he’s 100% or not.

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