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Week 12 Fantasy Football Injury Report: LeSean McCoy

The Skinny: That momentary stop in time on Sunday was thanks in part to everyone in Philly holding their collective breaths when Eagles RB LeSean McCoy went down holding his hamstring after a 1st half carry. He grasped for his hamstring immediately and it looked like it could potentially be a bad strain. He left the game, was evaluated and received treatment on the sideline, and returned in the second half without showing any limitations, finishing the game strong.

The Injury: Hamstring injuries are usually pretty easy to spot, as the first thing an athlete does is grab the injured area, with a resulting limp (knee flexed to avoid over-stretching the strained region) and difficulty with full weight bearing on that involved side. The idea that he was able to come back into the game and show absolutely no hesitance with acceleration or cutting was a great side and seems to indicate that he avoided any serious (or minor) hamstring injury.

Another relatively common trait of hamstring injuries can be the development of associated injuries. Compensation injuries are common, as we always figure out movement patterns to allow us to do our jobs. This usually means that we overuse another region of our body or rely more on other muscle groups to pick up the slack, regardless of the injured region. In McCoy’s case, there was no evidence of this, which was pretty surprising considering how much pain he seemed to be in right when it happened. Again, these injuries don’t usually pop up the same day as the injury occurs, but usually down the line, so expect to follow practice reports about McCoy to make sure he’s moving well in practice next week.

The Prognosis: The Eagles have their bye in Week 12, so obviously McCoy is not playing this week. But barring any excessive soreness, cramping, or inflammation in the hamstring early this week, there should be not doubt about him suiting up for Week 13 when the Eagles come off their bye.

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