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Week 12 Fantasy Football Weekend Injury Report: Adrian Peterson (Q)

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The Skinny: Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson continues to be limited by a strained groin muscle that significantly hampered him last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Peterson suffered the injury two weeks ago and has been limited since that time. Peterson returned to a light practice on Friday for the first time this week, which is where the questionable tag came from.

The Injury: I talked on Tuesday about how this recent injury could potentially be related to the sports hernia surgery that Peterson underwent in the off-season. Anytime there’s a breakdown of your abdominal wall in some manner, it can cause a lack of core stability post-op. And don’t think that the timing of this injury makes it impossible to be connected to a surgery 4 months ago. This is the exact time of the season where players’ bodies are really beginning to wear down from the pounding they take on a week to week basis. Add in the fact that Peterson is playing every game against 7 or 8 men in the box and it’s not surprise that he’s a bit more beat up this season than in the past.

Groin strains, independent of a sports hernia surgery, are difficult to play through because it really can limit a player’s power and drive with all straight line and diagonal moves. You could tell that he wasn’t himself last week against Seattle, as he just wasn’t able to generate enough power to move the pile to pick up extra yards. And this strain can really limit a guy’s ability to push off the leg with the groin strain because it places increased tension on the hip adductors (groin muscle), which strained muscles do not like.

The Prognosis: Based on his track record and how adamant Peterson was about playing this week, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t suit up this week. He will still be less than 100%, but he’s not limited enough to justify you leaving out of your lineups. The Packers aren’t exactly on the Seahawks level from defensive standpoint, so AP should find more room to run this week.

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