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Week 12 Fantasy Football Weekend Injury Report: Emmanuel Sanders (P)


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The Skinny: Pittsburgh Steelers starting WR Emmanuel Sanders left Sunday’s contest after suffering a foot injury. Sanders appeared to have his foot stepped on as he was being tackled. Sanders left the game without returning, which led many to believe the injury could be serious. However, Sanders was a full participant in practice all week and is officially listed as probable.

The Injury: This appears to be nothing more than a bruised foot for Sanders. The blunt trauma associated with having your foot stepped on can cause a significant amount of pain. Think about how bad it hurts when you stub your toe, which essentially causes the same type of injury, only at the toe and not the foot. Now imagine having a 220 lb DB landing on your foot as he’s violently pulling you to the ground. So there’s definitely some pain associated with this injury.

However, a simple bruised foot doesn’t cause any lingering impairments typically, so the fact that Sanders practiced all week is both reassuring and not surprising. He may feel a little something here and there, but it won’t be enough to limit his productivity (that’s what Todd Haley is for!).

The Prognosis: Expect Sanders to be just fine moving forward. He will play this week and shouldn’t have any restrictions or limitations barring the same type of injury happening again. And remember, Antonio Brown will be blanketed all day by Joe Haden, so Ben Roethlisberger may have to spread the wealth this week to guys like Sanders, Heath Miller, and Jerricho Cotchery. But in regards to Sanders, play him as you normally would.

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