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Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Around the NFL

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Jay Cutler (high ankle sprain): Cutler has already been ruled for Week 13, but appears to be targeting December 9th as a realistic return date. Expect Cutler to slowly begin ramping up his participation in practice this week and next week as a way to return to more normalized mobility. He seems to be on track for a December 9th return

Darren McFadden (hamstring strain): McFadden seems very unlikely to play on a short week coming off a re-aggravation of a previous hamstring strain, especially with his lengthy injury history. Expect him and the team to target Week 14 as a more likely return date, but we’ll keep an eye on his progress this week just in case. Rashad Jennings continues to play well getting the bulk of the carries in his place.

Michael Crabtree (Achilles tendon surgery): Crabtree continues to be on the road to recovery and may be activated this week. Again, coming off a major surgery, the first week back isn’t necessarily the best week to target when deciding when to put him back in your lineup. He will most likely be on a snap restriction and is already having his participation in practice scaled in an effort to ease him back into things. It seem unlikely he’ll have a major effect fantasy-wise in Week 13, but he seems to be getting really close to a return.

Percy Harvin (hip surgery): I expect him to have a much larger role in the offense this Monday night. We know he’ll play, so at least the mystery to taken out of this situation. But he was eased back into things in Week 11 and had a full bye week to recover from his first game back. Barring any unreported setbacks, he should have a much longer leash this week and I expect this to be his first big week of the season.

Ryan Mathews (hamstring strain): Mathews re-aggravated a previously strained hamstring and had to leave the game on Sunday. Re-injury is never a good thing and usually means there’s a high likelihood of a higher graded strain of the muscle. I’d be shocked if he plays this week, but we’ll have to monitor his plan this week to see if he’s progressing or not.

Jason Campbell (concussion): He will have to go through protocol this week and pass all the testing in order to be cleared for return. He was replaced by Brandon Weeden, who will likely be the starter if Campbell cannot go.

Tamba Hali (sprained ankle): The good news is that MRI report came back and found only a minor ankle sprain for Hali. He will be monitored this week and receive treatment, but there’s much more optimism about his chances of playing this week.

Justin Houston (elbow subluxation): Houston suffered a subluxation of his elbow on Sunday and did not return. A subluxation is when the joint pops out of socket and then slips right back in. A dislocation would be when the joint pops out and stays out. Houston was scheduled to have an MRI on Monday, but had too much swelling to perform it. When a joint or body region is too swollen, the fluid can make it difficult to clearly see if there’s damage to any of the structures and what the extent of the damage is. There is a chance that Houston can play this week with rigid bracing to provide support to the elbow, but they have to rule out any more serious structural involvement prior to his return. Stay tuned.


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