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Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report: Hakeem Nicks

Week 13 Around the NFL Injury Report

The Skinny: New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks missed Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys with a strained abdominal muscle. Previous reports had stated that Nicks was dealing with a groin strain, so pinpointing the exact location of the injury has been tricky. Reports have surfaced that Nicks is actually dealing with a Sports Hernia ,which is essentially an umbrella diagnosis for a tearing of the core musculature.

The Injury: Nicks is clearly limited by this sports hernia, which when you really think about it, is the same as having an abdominal strain or groin strain. The locations of the strains could be different and the extent of the injuries could vary, but they really are essentially the same type of thing. The only real question is how torn is the actual musculature and will he require surgery to repair this. Nicks will likely need surgery to repair this injury (same thing we’ve seen from Adrian Peterson, Danny Amendola, and Greg Jennings in the past), but oftentimes guys will opt to wait until after the season to take care of it.

Waiting to have the surgery can be problematic because it means the athlete will have to run, sprint, cut, run routes, and block with weakness and instability in their core. And these can be highly painful injuries, so the likelihood of gutting it out and being really effective will vary from week to week depending on how the individual feels. The uncertainty surrounding this injury with Nicks coupled with this being a contract year for him changes the complexion of how this situation is handled.

Nicks knows that he has to be in the best shape he possibly can be in heading into free agency or else it will have a significant negative effect on his impending offer from interested teams. He also knows that he has to show something on the field these last couple weeks and prove that he’s not lost a step by putting up numbers. It’s a bit of a catch-22 and will be tricky to navigate over these next 5 weeks.

The Prognosis: This will definitely be a week to week process with a lot of rest, treatment, and maintenance during each week leading up to game time. We really won’t know much until later in the week when we figure out how much he’s able to do at practice. Until then, expect him to be closer to not playing than playing unless we hear otherwise.

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