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Week 14 Fantasy Football Playoff Injury Report: Jordan Reed

The Skinny: Washington Redskins TE Jordan Reed appeared to be on track for a return to the field on Sunday after dealing with the after effects of a concussion suffered two weeks ago. However, Reed began to have headaches during warm-ups on Sunday, which is when the team pulled the plug on his Week 13 before it could get started, and smartly so. No information is currently available on his status for Week 14.

The Injury: Reed smartly reported having headaches prior to kickoff on Sunday night, which means that he had a recurrence of symptoms from a concussion that he suffered two weeks ago. Now that there’s been a return of symptoms, he must go through the protocol again throughout the week in order to have a chance of playing Week 14. It’s not boding well for him that it’s been two weeks and he’s still having symptoms, so there is no guarantee that he’ll be able to get through the whole week symptom-free and get back on the field.

The interesting part of the situation is that during pregame warm ups, there really isn’t any contact, so it’s curious that he started to have headaches just from the moderate exertion of pregame warm ups. Regardless, a return of symptoms is a return of symptoms and has to be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

The Prognosis: We should know much more about his probability of playing by Wednesday or Thursday, so stayed tuned to this developing situation.

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