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Week 14 Fantasy Football Playoff Injury Report: Percy Harvin

The Skinny: We were happy to finally see Percy Harvin back in the lineup in Week 12, looking relatively healthy and appearing to have good mobility in the limited snaps he saw in his return. We figured that a week off for the Seattle Seahawks bye week would do him wonders following his first action of the season. Well, it appears that our optimism was all premature, as new information continues to trickle out each and every week, with the most recent reports stating that Harvin needed a cortisone injection this past week, which would suggest that he’s dealing with inflammation and/or irritation of his surgically repaired hip.

In addition, back in late October when Harvin was said to have had his first “flare up”, word came out that an MRI performed on his hip at the time showed nothing structurally wrong with the hip itself. However, it appears that he had the hip drained at that time, which would seem to indicate that he had a build up of fluid in the joint that was causing him dysfunction.

The Injury: So what does all of this mean? The problem is that we really don’t know exactly what it means. Coritsone injections are usually administered in the presence of inflammation (some sort of -itis, whether it’s to the bursa, tendon, or other tissue) and/or pain, as it acts as both an anti-inflammatory and pain modulator. The fact that we found out that he previously had the hip drained in October leads me to believe it’s more of a inflammatory issue that’s limiting his recovery and leading to his limitations.

There’s another common diagnosis that can cause issues in the hip post surgery called femeroacetabular impingment (FAI), which occurs when a part of the femur and part of the acetabulum (hip socket) bump and rub against each other anytime the joint is moved in certain directions. This is a pretty common issue and could explain why he continues to have issues with mobility and irritation of his hip.

The Prognosis: Well, I can safely say that it’s not good at this point. I would put his chances of playing in Week 14 as pretty slim, especially considering he just had the cortisone injection a couple days ago. When a person has an injection, the plan is usually to give the athlete rest for at a pre-determined period of time to allow whatever is inflamed to calm down.

My guess is that Seattle takes it really easy with Harvin after yesterday’s big win over the Saints and gets him as close to ready for the playoffs as they can get him. I expect Harvin to miss Week 14, but we won’t know for sure until the week progresses further. More details will surely leak out, but at this point, I consider him more week to week than day to day.

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