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Week 14 Fantasy Football Playoff Injury Report: Jordan Reed

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The Skinny: After missing two straight games with a concussion and concussion-related symptoms, Washington Redskins TE Jordan Reed was able to return to practice on both Thursday and Friday this week. Reed is officially listed as questionable and heads into the weekend as a game time decision.

The Injury: Reed did essentially this same thing last week and was apparently on track to play last Sunday before having a concussion-reated headache on Saturday night, causing him to be ruled out for Sunday’s game. Any return of symptoms following a concussion means the player has to go back through the concussion protocol all over again, which is where Reed found himself early in the week.

If we take anything from Reed’s situation, it’s that concussions are never one-in-the-same. Someone can get absolutely blasted (RE: Le’Veon Bell) and be back in practice ready to go the next week while guys like Reed can suffer what many initially considered a minor concussion and be out for 2+ weeks. The severity of the blow to the head is not the determining factor when trying to predict when a guy can get back on the field; it’s the presence or lack thereof that will dictate when a guy can return to the field. Don’t let media reports lead you to think otherwise: until a guy is back on the field, going through rigorous physical activity without any return of symptoms for at least 24 hours, no one knows what the exact prognosis will be.

The Prognosis: The good news is that there haven’t been any reported symptoms this week after putting in two days of practice, so unless he has any other return of symptoms on Saturday night or Sunday morning during warmups, there’s no reason to believe that Reed shouldn’t be back in the lineup. Unless you hear anything prior to kickoff, expect Reed to be a full go on Sunday.

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