Week 14 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 14 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 14 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom SchrinerThe Fantasy Football Junkie

You can’t have everything boys and girls.
I had a great weekend. Took the family up to Michigan for an early family Christmas party where most of the extremely large family were able to show. It’s always great to see Mom & Dad, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins that we see far too infrequently. And now, having young ones, we get to watch our kids play with their cousins just like I remember doing when I was young. There are few things that make your heart feel that good. And of course to top it off, we all get to see our amazing Grandpa, Dad to some and Great Grandpa to others. Someone that has lived through everything, done everything and is everything to our family. I wish I could see him more but knowing that my young kids were able to know him, even a little, has made me so happy.
And then later on at the hotel, I got to enjoy a hot tub, leftovers and the BigTen (B1G) championship game! Take a look at this pic for confirmation. And what a game it was. Even though I wanted Ohio State to win, I can’t be mad. Michigan State played great and deserved to give Urban Meyer his first loss in the B1G. I argued with fellow family members earlier in the evening about why Ohio State winning would be beneficial to the B1G as a whole, putting us back in the National championship game, but they weren’t having none of it. Their hatred of all things Ohio is too great. So to them, I say congratulations.
The next day, we went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s home for brunch where we also got to spend some bonus time with my Grandpa. And this time, without the party going on, it was nice to be able to talk to him and see him. It was nice to just watch him watching my kids and smile. It’s the little things, and the older I get, the more I realize this.
So after a lovely time eating brunch (thanks Aunt Linda & Uncle Mike!), we head back home. The time is noon and I’m already excited about the possibility of listening to the Lions game while everyone else in the car is sleeping. After a short pit stop for gas and snacks, it’s almost one. The kids are sleeping and it’s time to delicately change the balance of sound to the front of the car as to not disturb the kids in the back. I crank it up and find the Lions radio network and here we go. First thing I hear is that Reggie Bush left the field because he slipped on the field (and would later not play). Apparently there is a blizzard in Philadelphia and I immediately think this is terrible news for Detroit, a dome playing team. But they surprise me. The first half was filled with the Lions doing what they normally do. Put up lots of yards, score some points and turn the ball over. By now, all Detroit Lions fans are accustomed to at least a few turnovers a game. But in the first half, our defense was played great, standing tall after the offense stumbled. And for the most part I was thrilled with how we played. Then we get home just in time for the second half. Just in time to see LeSean McCoy absolutely destroy us. And the Eagles took control in the fourth quarter while the Lions looked completely overmatched on both sides of the ball. Some Lions fans will blame the grounds crew for not removing the snow at halftime and some will blame the Lions equipment staff for not bringing the larger spikes for in-climate weather but don’t. The Lions should have had the NFC North wrapped up by now but we keep giving games away. As much as I like Jim Schwartz, he’s got to go after this season. We have way too much talent and should be a prime location for a head coach in 2014.  Our team lacks discipline and consistency and we need both in order to take the next step.
So the Lions lost…again.
But I still had a great weekend.


•  Andrew Luck had been pretty bad the past month without Reggie Wayne and was probably benched in more than a few leagues with owners taking a chance with other match ups but if you held steady and rolled with Luck, you received an early Christmas present. Not only did he have a great game with 4 TDs, it was his best game of the year with 32 fantasy points.
•  Congratulations if you had the pleasure of starting Kansas City’s defense this week. Many owners were going in a different direction because of their recent troubles (total of -7 points over the past three games) but I started them in two leagues. I was a little worried being on the road against Robert Griffin and company but it was wasted sweat, as the Chiefs absolutely demolished Washington. And the defense scored 27 points. 
•  The Colts are finally moving past Darius Heywayrd-Bey and giving more playing time to Lavon Brazill and Da’Rick Rogers. Both of whom had 2 TDs. And for the rookie, Rogers, he saw his first targets of his career. Da’Rick should be picked up in all leagues and could see a bunch of targets down the stretch as the receiver opposite Hilton.
•  Ho-hum, just another great week for Josh Gordon. Over 150 yards, another TD and 7 catches. What? No 200 yards this week? I’m disappointed.
•  Peyton Manning continues his amazing year with four more TDs. This week, he spread the love around giving a TD to Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Demaryus Thomas and Julius Thomas. He now has 45 on the year with still three games to go. Also a positive for Peyton was the fact that he didn’t turn the ball over, something he hadn’t done since week 4.
•  Jason Campbell threw for 391 yards in the loss to New England. Three hundred and ninety-one! And 3 TDs with no turnovers. Nice game Jason and way to make Jordan Cameron fantasy relevant again. 
•  Welcome back Dennis Pitta who wasted little time getting into the full swing of things. He saw eleven targets catching six of them for 48 yards and a score.
•  Matt Prater went 3/3 on attempts Sunday including a record-breaking 64 yarder just before the half.
•  After scoring just 20 total points over his last two games, Andy Dalton broke out of his recent slump to score 30 points. His most since week 8 when he dropped 31 on the New York Jets.
•  Drew Brees returned to his normal self scoring 28 fantasy points but his next two games are on the road where he hasn’t topped 20 points all season. 


•  TY Hilton is getting a lot of attention and it showed today. On a day where Andrew Luck had his best statistical output of the season, Hilton finished with just 2 receptions for 7 yards. He will have better games but he also saw only five targets, his lowest number of targets since week 1.
•  It was the worst possible time for Matthew Stafford owners to be dealing with weather issues but that’s what happened. And he finished with just 5 fantasy points and for the first time this season, failed to throw for a TD. 
•  It’s bad enough if you have to play Fred Jackson or C.J. Spiller because of the timeshare situation but they both stunk it up this week. Combined, the two of them scored a paltry 7 fantasy points. 
•  Everyone is due a bad game now and then but for Kendall Wright who had been so steady, scoring 6 or more the past eight in a row, getting only 2 catches for 19 yards was a bit of a shock. 
•  When Case Keenum got the starting job over Matt Schaub, early on he looked liked a player that could eventually take over but after two terrible performances in the past three weeks against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s safe to say he’s probably just a backup.


•  Not that many took a chance on the Lions defense this week but let me tell you how bad they did. Even with two special return touchdowns, Detroit only managed 8 fantasy points. That is just pitiful.

•  Rob Gronkowski leaving the game on a cart is terrible news for his owners and those that own Tom Brady. When Gronk came back, it breathed much-needed life into the Pats offense. Now with him likely out for the remainder of the season with some calling it a torn ACL, Brady’s prospects of finishing the season on a high note are not looking good.

•  Calvin Johnson only saw 5 targets. That is all.

•  After actually having back-to-back solid performances for the past two weeks, Mike Wallace comes through with an absolute dump. He only manages one fantasy point against his old team and while the Dolphins won, you know that Wallace be pissed.

•  Eli Manning just couldn’t help himself on Sunday. The Chargers were his first team out of college and he got confused. Only excuse for him having his first multi-interception game since week 6. I really hope you aren’t starting him still.

Let me know if I completely glossed over someone’s great or terrible fantasy day. I know there are more but these are the individuals that stood out to me. Drop a name down below in the comments!

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