Week 15 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Week 15 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Welcome to the Week 15 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom SchrinerThe Fantasy Football Junkie

As I sit here trying to figure out how to put into words the feelings that I am having on this insane week 15, my wife says to me, “Some of us have already had these feelings.” She of course is referring to the heartache that is finally knowing your fantasy football season is over. She is only in one league, the Fantasy Football Junkie league, and her season was basically over a month ago and she knew it. Back then, I could see the anger in her eyes as her team let her down week after week. And now, it’s my time to share in that anger. My season isn’t done yet as I have multiple leagues, but each league that I finally feel that true death, I lose a piece of me. That’s how much I love this game. How else can I explain this feeling of utter and complete failure as I’m sitting here? How else can I explain the lowered shoulders and general grumpiness my whole family sees radiating from my body? Only something I love could hurt me so deeply.

And it’s not just the fact that I am going to lose two semi-final match ups. It’s also because some of the advice I gave this week utterly blew. More on that below.

So if your team suffered the true death this week, a week in which Matt Asiata and Matt Cassel will both finish near the top of their fantasy boards, don’t fret. That’s fantasy football, and there’s always next year. And you bet your Steve Slaton‘s I’ll be back for another go around. And if you are lucky enough to make it past this week, good luck!



•  How about the week backup quarterbacks had? Nick Foles currently leads all quarterbacks with 33 points. Ryan Fitzpatrick finished with 30 points and Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn and Kirk Cousins all finished with more than 20 and each should finish in the top ten among QB’s after week 15 is in the books. This season has officially gotten cooky.

•  It’s not like Matt Asiata ran the ball well. Because he didn’t. But coming into the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, he had exactly three career carries. He finished with three rushing touchdowns. His 30 carries for 51 yards was awful and if you took a chance on him, kudos to you.

•  Jamaal Charles, are you serious? I remember looking down at my phone and seeing three touchdowns through the air in the first half and thinking that couldn’t be right. And then I go to my one league page where I own you and became a believer. I’m just thankful that I had you on one team today. I’m also thankful that I didn’t play against you in any league.

•  After basically being demoted to spot duty, Trent Richardson finally got going against the Houston Texans after Donald Brown went down with an injury. Brown had to leave the game and T-Rich got his shot. It took him a while to get traction but as the game got late, he started to break tackles and resemble the player that ran so hard for the Browns a year ago. If Richardson can start to play with more confidence the Colts could have a dangerous combo at RB going forward. But for fantasy, it will be hard to trust either guy if both are healthy.

•  Big shout-out to Indiana University Alum Marcus Thigpen for scoring a TD today as a Miami Dolphin. His late TD reception helped the Dolphins rally past the New England Patriots.

•  Speaking of the Patriots, the combination of Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola combined for 23 receptions, 270 yards and a score. They helped to make up for the absence of Rob Gronkowski between the twenties but did little to help once they got in the redone. Brady and the Pats will need to figure out an option for the goal line or their season will end quickly in the playoffs.

•  In a huge garbage time performance, DeSean Jackson had a huge game catching 10 for 195 yards with a score. As of this writing, he is the #1 receiver of the week.

•  Andrew Quarless finished week 15 with the exact same stat line that he had the previous week, 6 receptions for 66 yards and one TD. This week he caught all six of his targets.

•  It was really great to see the Green Bay Packers not abandon the run game when they made their miraculous comeback in Dallas. Eddie Lacy finished with over 20 carries for the 9th time this season and totaled 171 yards with a TD. He is looking like a top 5 pick for 2014. I can’t imagine how good he’ll be with a healthy Aaron Rodgers behind center.

•  I’ve always liked DeAngelo Williams and it was good to see him have a really nice game. His 22 fantasy points was, by far, his best game of the year. And with Jonathan Stewart to miss the remainder of the season, you can expect Williams to have a decent amount of touches every week.



•  Even if I lost all of my fantasy games today, one thing could have made up for it. The Cleveland Browns could have made everything better if they could have taken care of business against the Chicago Bears. But they didn’t and the shrugging of the shoulders went lower and lower. Now I have to wait for the Lions to hopefully hold court on Monday Night football. My lucky Lions socks are already on. We need all the luck we can get.

•  It’s not like Drew Brees had a bad day, but he certainly didn’t have a great day. He and the Saints started that game on a bad note and never looked the same for the rest of the game. Brees threw more interceptions that TDs for the second time this year and continues his sub-par performing on the road. He has failed to score 20+ fantasy points in any road game this year. And in seven home games, he has gone over 20 in six of them.

•  I’m not sure what kind of game the Houston Texans staff is playing but today, Case Keenum should not have finished that game. He appeared absolutely lost and didn’t have any control of that offense. Maybe Matt Schaub isn’t in the future of the Texans but neither is Keenum. You’ve seen him regress the past month and Schaub has at least been able to come in and give the offense a spark. And you know if Matt Schaub is able to come in and give a spark, the guy he’s replacing is not the answer. I know the owner wants to see Case finish the season but if he truly wants to win a game, Schaub gives them their best chance, check your pride at the door.

•  Coming into week 15, Demaryius Thomas had finished with double-digit points in seven straight games but he finished with just 4 this week. He along with Eric Decker both finished with bad games and probably contributed to many fantasy teams losing their playoff games.

•  I hate being wrong on a call to start a player but I hate it even more when I have no way of knowing what the heck is going on. When Willis McGahee is labeled out for a game, the logical step is to look at the next man up. This week that should have been Chris Ogbonnaya. But no, it ends up being Edwin Baker that gets the majority of work. Edwin, who was playing in his first ever NFL game.



•  Justin Hunter. Really? After I go out on a limb and choose you to be my wide receiver for the Hits and Misses article you break a team rule and get labeled inactive? Really? After finally starting to make a name for yourself you pave the way for Titans to activate Kenny Britt? Really?

•  I’m sure that everyone who owns Jimmy Graham has already had their fair share of ranting throughout the afternoon but he had to be included. The overall top TE in the NFL had his worst game since he put up a doughnut in week 6 against the Patriots. This is one of those performances that becomes a season killer.

•  Almost as bad as Graham is Charles Clay. He had been so consistent this season that his owners probably had no better options. His zero points today also could have been a season killer. At least for me in one league it was the difference. I will end up losing by just over three points and my backup TE would have won the game. #FantasyProblems

•  The Dallas Cowboys deserve to be here for blowing a 24-3 lead at home against Matt Flynn.

•  Mike Shanahan also deserves to be here for going for a 2-point conversion at the end of the game when an extra point would have sent the game to overtime. If it’s all about showcasing what Kirk Cousins can do, why not give him a shot in OT? Makes no sense to me and the rumors that he’s trying to get fired will start flying after that call.

•  I’m just going to leave a permanent spot for Eli Manning down in the UGLY section. He should have been benched today. Just to save himself from himself. He finished the day with 5 interceptions and -4 fantasy points in standard leagues. It’s not as if anyone was starting him but that is still ridiculous.

•  Everyone knew Andre Brown might have a hard time getting started against the Seahawks but 15 touches for 26 yards bad was not something I expected. It was a terrible game for the entire New York Giants team but that performance was hard to swallow.

•  I’m sure that a bunch of his friends will come out and defend him but Dez Bryant leaving the field before the game is over is completely stupid. It did not appear that it was because of an injury which is the only reason to leave but I’m sure I just don’t understand. He’s so passionate and that’s just how he is. Whatever.

With so many crazy story lines this week, I know that I missed more than a few. Let me know which players should have been included in the comments below!

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