Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
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Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Welcome to the Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Every week you will get a mostly fantasy football oriented recap from my point of view. If I deviate a bit from football, there is probably a good reason, bear with me and thanks for taking the time to stop by.

By Tom SchrinerThe Fantasy Football Junkie

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know that I did and am still having a superb Holiday season. In fact, I will be celebrating our fourth of five Christmas celebrations tonight. I’m sure some of you can relate to the hectic nature of the season but it’s well worth it. 

Unfortunately I can’t say the same for my fantasy football season. I was in two championships this past week and lost both of them. Couple that with the dreadful performance from my Detroit Lions, and it was an utterly pathetic football week 16 for me. But I know it’s just football…right?


Even though I love fantasy football more than 99.9% of you, I still realize in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a game. A fantastic wonderful game that brings joy to every week and every single football contest, but still just a game. A game that I one day hope can help to pay the bills because of the fantasy knowledge I have procured through the years, but still just a game. 

So before you read the rest of this amazing recap of my favorite tidbits from week 16, tell someone Merry Christmas!



• After a terrible week 15 LeSean McCoy bounced back in a big way to be the top scorer among running backs with 27 fantasy points. Although to be honest I was a little shocked he didn’t crack 40 on the Bears at home. 

• Amazingly the Houston Texans were able to slow down Peyton Manning for much of the first half. That caused Manning and the Broncos to turn it up a notch in the second and he cruised to another 30+ point performance, his third out of the last four games. The eventual MVP has had 8 games over 25 points and just one game with less than 2 TDs. 

• After suffering through an absolute horrendous three game stretch from weeks 11-13 were scored a total of -3 points, Geno Smith has scored 59 points and capped it off with a 26 point effort last week. He’s been about as Jekyll and Hyde as you could get but the Jets will bring in a fresh set of coaches to help him next season. Who knows, with a couple of new receivers he could be a decent option in super deep leagues.

• I had pegged Joique Bell as one of my sleepers in the Hits and Misses article last week and he did not disappoint. After Reggie Bush fumbled, Bell took over to have a great game and finished with 21 fantasy points, his best day of the year.

• It may have taken the Dallas Cowboys an entire season but they are finally handing the ball to DeMarco Murray a sufficient amount of times. Congrats!

• I feel like I say it every week but I am a fan of Ryan Mathews now. I have hated him for so long that I find it necessary to make up for all of the hate with even more love. You go Ryan Mathews, currently the 12th highest scoring fantasy running back.

• So maybe Marcedes Lewis isn’t dead yet. He’s now scored in three straight games and has gone over double-digit points in all of those.

• As bad as the Detroit Lions finished this season, their fans have to like how our defense played. They have been really outstanding for much of the year and any coach would love to come in and take over for such a talented team.

Nick Novak went 4 for 4 last week and is a perfect 9 for 9 over the past three weeks.

• Finally healthy, Roddy White is back to his normal self and should be ready to go in 2014. Even without Julio Jones, Roddy is showing that he can still be the #1 guy. 

Josh Gordon has six straight weeks with double-digit points and will be one of the first receivers off the board in 2014 no matter who is throwing the football to him. The guy is legit and would be productive if I took the field under center.



• The Baltimore Ravens should be ashamed of themselves for that game at home against the Patriots. You basically just let them run all over you and Tom Brady didn’t even break a sweat. And that was bad because I was counting on Brady in a league and he didn’t break 10 points.

• I love Adrian Peterson but he absolutely killed his fantasy owners during the playoffs. He totaled 5 fantasy points over the last three games. While that included one game where he was inactive, it also included two where he was. Hard year to swallow for his owners and himself. I know he wants to finish the season on a high note but I would bet that the Vikings err on the side of caution and sit him for the finale.

• If I wasn’t in such a good mood, the Dolphins offense would have been on the Ugly. Three carries for Lamar Miller? What are they thinking? And only three carries in the entire second half? 

Joe Flacco was supposed to get his favorite target back in Dennis Pitta and turn things around but that hasn’t worked out for either of them. The Ravens offense has looked bad all season and one would suspect that changes could be coming and Jim Caldwell could be looking for a new job soon.

• One of the most disappointing games of the week came from Vernon Davis. No one expected a zero catch performance against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night, especially his owners.

• The Cleveland Browns have had a decent defense for much of the season but against the New York Jets you had to like them for a spot start. Unfortunately for them, the Jets came to play and lit the Browns up. Cleveland finished with -3 points in standard leagues.

• Everyone with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery had to be salivating at last weeks matchup but the Eagles defense proved to be too much. Both stud receivers failed to have big games but Marshall fared better. Jeffery owners were left scratching their heads. That game should have been a shootout.

• I get that Calvin Johnson is banged up but four targets? Against the Giants? Even a half-healthy Megatron should be able to muster a 100 yards on that secondary if given a chance. I blame the Lions coaches, owners and everyone in the front office. #OnePride

Drew Brees is a complete letdown on the road this year. At home, he’s the golden boy but on the road it’s as if the entire offense forgets how to line up and run routes and catch balls and block and it’s just a mess.



• Because of the Holiday spirit I wasn’t going to include anyone here in the Ugly but after hearing about how one head coach actually cursed back at his teams fans, I just couldn’t leave off Jim Schwartz. What an ugly finish for the Lions but no matter how your fans act, you can’t let them get to you like that. You can’t just turn around and curse at the very people who help to pay your salary unless you expect to be fired. And maybe that’s what Jim was thinking. Maybe he knew, even before the OT loss to the hapless New York Giants that killed his season, that his days as the head coach were numbered. So he said eft that, I’m not gonna get let these guys yell at me. But really, I just think Schwartz has bad manners and is a bad sport. He can’t handle the pressure of being the head coach and making good decisions when it absolutely mattered. It showed throughout the season and throughout his tenure in Detroit. I’m sure that he will get a job as a coordinator again and really that’s what he should be doing. Leave those tough decisions for our next head coach. I like you Jim, but you has got to go. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


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