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‘No Way’ DeSean Jackson Is Playing For The Eagles In 2014

The dynamic and often times combative wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson, has some conflicting rumors to get under control. One day he’s saying that he wants to retire an Eagle and today we learn from a source that there is “no way” Jackson plays for Philadelphia this season. 

Just a year ago, DeSean Jackson signed a brand new $48.2 ($15 million guaranteed) million dollar contract. That deal would have appeased most humans but after the Eagles lost in the playoffs to the New Orleans Saints, he made it known that he deserves a new deal. After playing one season on a brand-new 5 year contract, he wants to renegotiate his deal? After one season? Just imagine this next sentence as a profane laced rant that lasts two minutes…

Two minute profane laced rant.

Ok, I feel better. But to get back to the fantasy issues at question. If he is moved, the Eagles would be in desperate need for an over-the-top playmaker to help stretch the field. Jackson was very good last season, setting career highs in receptions, yards, 100+ yard games and touchdowns. These types of playmakers don’t just grow on trees but Chip Kelly and the Eagles have to be getting tired of his antics. If they didn’t just shell out $15 million in guaranteed money, they probably would think about trading him but that investment will give them pause. 

If the Eagles were to think about dealing him, the obvious choices are the Carolina Panthers and Oakland Raiders. Both still have a big need for playmakers and the Panthers are downright desperate for any receiving threats after letting Steve Smith go and watching Brandon LaFell sign in New England. But Carolina just let Smith go, who they deemed a distraction in the locker room. Chances are they wouldn’t bring in Jackson. And the Raiders are always willing to make the wrong decision so they are a decent bet. 

A dark-horse whom I haven’t heard yet are the quiet New Orleans Saints. They have done well with the likes of Devery Henderson for years and Jackson would be a huge upgrade for the deep routes. And if they could swing that deal, can you imagine Marques Colston opposite Jackson with Jimmy Graham in the middle? It would be quite the show.


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