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Kershaw’s Back Problems

After pitching well on “opening day” in Australia Clayton Kershaw is going to miss his opening day start in the United States. An MRI revealed inflammation in his upper back and the Dodgers are going to play it extremely cautiously with their $215 million dollar man.

It’s unclear if Kershaw injured his back during his start, if the long flight to and from Australia is to blame, or what is truly going on. If you’re like me and have suffered from back problems over the years, you know this is nothing to balk at. That being said, it seems that the Dodgers are just being cautious (rightfully so) with their ace so it doesn’t appear that this would affect his overall value any. Those in Head to Head leagues should be aware that Kershaw is no longer a two-start pitcher this coming week but even one start from Kershaw is better than two from most so it’s not like you’re going to bench him.

Kershaw remains the #1 ranked pitcher in our rankings and will stay there unless this injury turns into something more serious.

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