Tres Cervesas Por Favor: FFLockerRoom Daily MLB Fantasy Report

Tres Cervesas Por Favor: MLB Fantasy Report

Baseball is all about numbers, and almost all of them come in or are divisible by the number three. Three strikes and you are out. Three outs and the inning is over, unless of course your name is Armando Galarraga and the first base umpire is Jim Joyce. Three… well, you get my drift. So to keep in fashion of the game of baseball as well as to whet my whistle, each and every day that I get a chance I will be sitting down compiling my daily fantasy baseball thoughts while enjoying three ice cold beverages.

And while baseball has taken on a Hispanic feel, I figured what better way than to salute that with this. So let’s get to the  Tres Cervesas Por Favor: The FFLockerRoom Daily MLB Fantasy Report, Opening Day edition.

  • To even start a baseball season without the voice of the late and great Ernie Harwell would be and is a great shame. To show some respect and to honor him, I am offering this HERE. It is called, “Voice of the Turtle.” Enjoy. While those that don’t know him may not get it, or perhaps even non-Detroit Tigers fans, growing up here always brought a calm that warmed up the winter and lead us into spring while hearing Harwell recite that poem on WJR.
  • Grandmother’s Love: Congratulations to Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins for matching a franchise Opening Day/Night strikeout record of nine which was initially set by Josh Beckett back in 2004. Better yet, Fernandez did it with his grandmother in the stands. You have to love that! You know that today will be something that is lived over, time-and-time-again at the Fernandez family dinner table. Fernandez finished with the win, while allowing five base runners in six innings pitched.
  • Recharged Battery: The St. Louis Cardinals have one of the best fan bases in all of baseball, and with the kick off of the 2014 MLB season, not much can get sweeter than a 1-0 win at the division rival Cincinnati Reds. But what happened Monday was one for the story books. Starting pitcher Adam Wainwright earned his first victory of the season, going a strong seven innings, striking out nine while allowing seven base runners. But he wouldn’t had received the “W” without the help of battery-mate Yadier Molina who took Johnny Cueto in the seventh-inning to break up the tie. The win gives St. Louis a 9-8 edge over Cincinnati in Opening Day wins.
  • The Price is Right: After injuries had many worried about the Tampa Bay Rays ace in 2013, many questions were presented to David Price for the 2014 season. He may have answered all of them with a question mark today as he went 7.1 innings of two earned-run ball, striking out six and getting the win. While it is a long season, his control was superb, tossing 74 strikes in 102 total pitches. If you got him later in your fantasy baseball draft compared to where he normally would had gone, be happy. This time the Price was definitely right!
  • Sale Away: There was a great battle on the field for dominance Opening Day during the Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins game, but it wasn’t between the teams. Rather it was between White Sox teammate’s starting pitcher Chris Sale and outfielder Alejandro De Aza. Sale showed that 2013 was no fluke, grabbing his first win by going 7.1 innings while striking out eight, allowing three earned runs. De Aza on the other hand hit a two-run home run and a solo shot for a total of three runs batted in. Oh my, as I said, the story of three!
  • Cruz-ing for a Bruising: While the Boston Red Sox have delivered the Baltimore Orioles the death-punch several times over the past decade-plus, it was new-comer Nelson Cruz, the former outfielder for the Texas Rangers, that made the difference. Cruz nailed a home run in the bottom of the seventh giving not only the Orioles a lead in the American League East over the reigning World Series Champions, but also handing Zach Britton his first win of the year.
  • Rollins’ on the Revere: In a true game of true oddities, two starting pitchers gave up a total of fifteen earned runs, eight by Cliff Lee and seven by Tanner Scheppers, as their bottom line gave them a total of one win and no losses. Furthermore, Ben Revere and Jimmy Rollins combined to bat for a total of 4-12, with seven runs batted in, three runs scored and 1 grand salami. While the Philadelphia Phillies failed to trade their veteran shortstop this spring despite several efforts, for this day at least they are happy to call him one of their own. This is Philadelphia though. That love will end quickly.
  • Double-Up: Second baseman Anthony Rendon gave the Washington Nationals’ fans plenty to cheer about despite a horrific performance by starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg as he went 2-5 with four runs batted in and two extra base hits, a homer and double. For a team that usually wins from the strength of their arms rather than their bats, the second bagger had rookie manager Matt Williams most likely screaming double-up at the bar tonight in celebration of his first victory. Congratulations! Not only with the victory, but for putting up with that douche Barry Bonds for so many years.
  • Dombrwoski Gonzo?: Many people around the Detroit area have been ridiculing Detroit Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski for making a trade with the Balitmore Orioles for veteran shortstop Alex Gonzalez. While there still are naysayers, myself included, for today Gonzo proved Dombrowski right by having two key hits, a triple and a walk-off single, going 2-4 with two runs batted in. That my friends is fantasy delight.
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