Sidney Rice Re-Signs With The Seahawks |

Sidney Rice Re-Signs With The Seahawks


According to both Sidney Rice and Russell Wilson, via their twitter accounts, Rice will be rejoining the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. 

The Seahawks let Rice go in February because he wasn’t living up to his high price tag, and were originally open to the idea of re-signing him at a much lower cost. Rice tried to test the market and even recently visited with the New York Jets, but today, he found his way back to the West Coast.

While he has been a huge disappointment since signing in Seattle three years ago, he can still play and offers Wilson a familiar face to target this year. He had already lost Golden Tate to the Detroit Lions and bringing back Rice made Russell take to Twitter.


In terms of fantasy, no one is really thinking it is Rice’s year to finally take the next step. At this point, he will be what he is. A 50-60 catch guy with maybe 8 TDs. And keep in mind, that’s if everything goes well and he stays on the field for 16 games. You would be lucky to have him for 12 games with his track record.

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