Current List Of Available NFL Free Agents - Updated |

Current List Of Available NFL Free Agents – Updated

In case you needed to get caught up on the best available players not currently employed by a National Football League team, here you go. Before you is a list of the best of the best or at least the best of the unemployed.

With Josh Freeman signing with the G-Men and Chris Johnson going to the New York Jets, this list is looking extremely sad. Some other recent signings include Andre Brown to the Texans and Hakeem Nicks to the Indianapolis Colts. Knowing the names on this list, it’s no wonder that teams are waiting anxiously for the Draft to come around. It’s inevitable that some of these guys will eventually get picked up, but only after certain teams fail to check mark those positions off in the draft.


1. Kevin Kolb

2. David Garrard

3. Rex Grossman

4. Vince Young

5. Tim Tebow

6. David Carr

7. John Skelton


Running Backs

1. Michael Bush

2. Michael Turner

3. Felix Jones

4. Phillip Tanner

5. La’Rod Stephens-Howling

6. Bernard Scott

7. Ronnie Brown

8. Willis McGahee

9. Kevin Smith


Full Backs

1. Le’Ron McClain

2. Vonta Leach

3. Greg Jones

See Page Two for WR, TE and Kickers.


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  • Christopher Ziza

    I’d love to see Miles Austin in Detroit. Yes, I know his injury history, but he still would be a great #3 option and perhaps could be had cheaply.

    • Fantasy Football Junkie

      I agree Chris. We should at least have one other injury risk to play side-by-side with Ryan Broyles. Between the two of them, we might get 16 games if we are lucky.

      But kidding aside, Austin can still play well if healthy. He’ll probably have to wait until after the draft. I know the Lions have been rumored to be a team to watch. They might move up to snag a top-flight WR to pair with Megatron.

      • Christopher Ziza

        As much as I love Watkins, I really don’t want to see us losing draft picks when this could be an opportune time to let Suh walk after the season and use all of our 2014 NFL draft picks and two fourth-round compensation picks along with the $16 million or so saved next year on the cap to really rebuild this defense!

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