Top-10 2014 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Report: Week 5 Marcus Semien |

Top-10 2014 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Report: Week 5 Marcus Semien

I have received emails from people who have started their seasons 4-0, 0-4 and everywhere in-between and my advice to all of them is simple and regulated, “It is a very long season and where you stand in fantasy baseball right now could change quickly.”

I tell them that their record is derived from a very small sample size and that they better keep plugging away to get their team better, deeper, stronger, faster. Let’s face it folks, injuries, bad luck, anything can happen. Your superstar starting pitcher could have just lost his MLB team’s closer and now his overall wins could be affected. Perhaps your star shortstop has pulled a hammy once again. Jose Reyes owners I am looking at you!

The good thing to remember is that FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports is here 24/7/365 to help your fantasy baseball and football teams anyway we can. We have your back. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, our FORUMS, Newsletter, Android App, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Satellite Radio, FM Radio… I mean seriously people, I can keep going but you get the point.

The Top-10 2014 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Report: Week 5 Marcus Semien brought to you by FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports is a compilation of players that you should be looking at grabbing off of your fantasy baseball league’s waiver wire. In fact FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports is so generous that not only are we going to give you the type of top-notch advice that you normally would have to pay for at other sites, but we are going to include more than the standard top-10 (if you are lucky to get that many at other sites) that you would normally get.

The last few weeks we told you to run, not walk so you could go and grab Justin Morneau, Chris Colabello, Neil Walker, Trevor Plouffe, Michael Brantley, Anthony Rendon and more. Tell me how many fantasy baseball teams wouldn’t wish that they had read this article and acted on our words! Well don’t make the same mistake again. Check out this list and go get a head up on your competition by adding to your fantasy baseball rosters. No matter how strong that you think your team is, there is always a way to make yourself a touch better. Remember, every time that you improve, your leaguemates have to improve just as much or they have fallen further behind!

This list will showcase players that are owned in 67% or less of all ESPN fantasy baseball leagues, meaning that on average the most owned players on this list will still be available in one out of every three leagues. And believe it or not, I feel very confident that some of these players will be some of the better pickups when the season is all said and done. Who are they? You have to read on to find out. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us by heading to the forum. Good luck and let us know how you do.


Carlos Ruiz (11.1%) – I have preached time-and-time again to go out and grab Ruiz if you are in deeper leagues, especially in those that start two catchers. Only owned in one out of every ten leagues, the Phillies backstop has averaged 2.8 fantasy points per game that he plays, good for sixth among all catchers. He ranks fifth in 2014 among catchers with 54 total fantasy points and is fifth as well during the past 15-days with 35. So why is he not getting the love that I have said time and time that he deserves?

Perhaps it is because he is 35-years-old and everyone knows that a catcher at this age will wane in production as the season gets longer in the tooth. Perhaps it is because Ruiz struggled last year, having his worst season that he has had in the majors during the past four years or perhaps it is because he just doesn’t have a very popular household name.

Whatever it is I want to say this once again. In 2010-2012 he hit for an average of .302, .283 and .325. In that span he averaged 10 home runs, 54 runs batted in, 50 runs scored and even a couple stolen bases in about 380 at-bats. A consistent stick like that doesn’t lose everything overnight. Not normally anyways. With Devin Mesoraco and Russell Martin hitting the disabled list recently, there are bound to be teams that are in need of a reliable catcher. Jump on him now because once fantasy baseball owners start keying in on Ruiz he will start being gobbled up in chunks.

Other players that you should think about picking up: Jason Castro (62.5%), Miguel Montero (59.3%), Dioner Navarro (6.2%), Tyler Flowers (11.1%)

Page through to find more waiver wire gems so you can get ahead of your competition. 


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