NFL Fantasy Mock Draft Results: Top-500 Sammy Watkins, Peyton Manning |

NFL Fantasy Mock Draft Results: Top-500 Sammy Watkins, Peyton Manning

The NFL has now officially released their 2014 team schedules and with the 2014 NFL Draft just around the corner it has us over here at FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports thinking about one thing more than anything else; Fantasy Football! 

Leading up to kickoff of the first game of the 2014 NFL season we will be dissecting the ADP’s of several 2014 Fantasy NFL Mock Draft’s that are already being conducted so you can get a feel for what is going on as a whole. We are not just going to give you our opinion. If you want that just simply go to our preseason player rankings. That is why we are bringing you the NFL Fantasy Mock Draft Results: Top-500 Sammy Watkins, Peyton Manning.

But while Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson and Jimmy Graham along with many others are working out getting ready to make the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings and more ready for their seasons, we are here to get you ready for yours. 

Below you will find mock draft results taken April 24th, 2014 that includes hundreds of 2014 Fantasy Football mock drafts. Here are the basics of the mock drafts. 

  • Top-500 PPR, Top-300 Non-PPR
  • 16-Teams
  • PPR (2nd Page) 
  • Non-PPR (3rd Page)
  • Re-Draft 

Page through to see who the top-500 PPR picks are in 16-Team Leagues as of April 28th, 2014.Next

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  • Fantasy Football Junkie

    Craziness on here! If Lacy goes in front of AP and Forte in a PPR league I’m in, I would be shocked.

    • Christopher Ziza

      It goes to show you that when a running back approaches the age of 30 people get scared off. While I am a AP fan as well, his wheels have some serious mileage on them. If this were a keeper league I could possibly understand it a little more, but this is an annual re-draft.

      • Fantasy Football Junkie

        True, if a keeper format, I would understand. And I get the ’30’ mark for RBs, but isn’t AP beyond human?

        • Christopher Ziza

          Ya, if there was a running back that could flip the 30-year-old corner and still be productive, AP would be the one that I would put my money on. Even when he starts to slow some, he gets utilized so much that he will be productive. But I still have to think of the likes such as Shaun Alexander when arguing this point. People wouldn’t had thought he would hit a wall so quickly and look what happened to him.

          • Fantasy Football Junkie

            Ah, Shaun Alexander. A fall from fantasy grace that only the likes of Michael Turner and Ahman Green can relate.

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