MLB News: Atlanta Braves OF B.J. Upton Admits To Eyesight Issues |

MLB News: Atlanta Braves OF B.J. Upton Admits To Eyesight Issues

The 2014 Major League Baseball season has been marred by injuries to every position on the field including the pitchers mound, and with that it has left many fantasy baseball owners scrambling for solid replacements that are still available on the Waiver Wire. If you are an unfortunate owner of Bryce Harper or Josh Hamilton among others, you can at least feel good that you probably don’t have to hit the panic button and do something stupid. You could pick someone up who will be a solid replacement until your star returns, and very likely will have found a player that will continue to make an impact once that time shows it’s face.

One of those players that are likely out there in your league is who I will be talking about today, B.J. Upton of the Atlanta Braves. Read on to see why I am suggesting that you grab him in your fantasy league or leagues and stash him until he is ready to be plugged into your starting lineup. And in the spirit of FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports, I will even conclude this article by letting you know when that time will come.

[pullquote]”I could just see the ball a lot more clearly on both sides of the field, offensively and defensively.” – B.J. Upton on his new glasses.[/pullquote]

Upton has come out and admitted recently that his vision over the past couple of years has been deteriorating. Once a threat to hit 20+ home runs and 30+ stolen bases a year to go along with a .250 average has now diminished during his first two-years in Atlanta. Hitting .184 with 8 home runs and 12 stolen bases last season in an injury riddled 2013 was a pretty rude awakening for the former fantasy baseball star. Getting off to a .214 start in 2014 hasn’t helped any. But in many ways it really has, as it has convinced him to face the cruel reality that his eyesight had waned which in turn has allowed for him to seek out the proper prescription glasses that he needs to see the baseball, both on defense and while hitting.

The Atlanta Journal-Constituion has Upton stating, “I could just see the ball a lot more clearly on both sides of the field, offensively and defensively.” That is great news for Upton owners or potential owners as he started the season marred in a 0-11 slump, but thanks to the recent addition of glasses to his fashionable game-day wardrobe, Upton’s average has now risen to .214 and looks to continue to move skyward. It is still a far cry from his career average of .247, but at least his offensive statistics are heading in the right direction.

You could call this coincidence or whatnot. I would call it finally being able to see the baseball. Upton has been running sharper routes defensively, picking up the ball that leaves the hitter’s bats like he used to just a few short seasons ago. He also has a five-game hitting streak, highlighted with his 3-run home run, 1 stolen base exhibit that he put on yesterday for the fans of the Miami Marlins. Upton has also scored in four of the past five games and has drawn walks in two of his last three. All positive signs, and all of it has happened since donning on the sexy specs!

For the next week and a half he will be playing at home against the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs which will add to his comfort level while getting accustomed to his new-found vision. By the end of this home stand I completely expect to see Upton’s ownership percentage in all fantasy baseball formats to start going northward and will once again be owned in the majority of fantasy baseball leagues like he once had. Go grab Upton now and thank FFLockerRoom Fantasy Sports later.

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