NFL News: Michael Vick To Start Over Geno Smith For New York Jets? |

NFL News: Michael Vick To Start Over Geno Smith For New York Jets?

The New York Jets have certainly fulfilled the hype void from their dismal season with some rather impressive moves this free agency period. First gang green inked veteran playmaker Michael Vick, and then they reeled in yet another playmaker to hand the ball to in Chris Johnson.

Some analysts have called this new pairing a “Dynamic Duo” but in all reality they are two fading stars getting their last NFL snaps. Yes they can make some great plays this coming year, but these two guys will not be the future that Jets fans are hoping for. Not to mention Vick has not earned the starting nod yet.

Which brings up the question of the day.  NFL News: Michael Vick To Start Over Geno Smith For New York Jets? Does Rex keep the 2nd round West Virginia project in the lineup come week one, or does he go with the sporadic Michael Vick in hopes that he can flash some of his rusted talent. Not the easiest choice to make, nonetheless one has to be made.

If the season were to start tomorrow, Michael Vick would be the starter, guaranteed. This is because Rex Ryan is more impatient than anything as a head coach, and making the move to grab Vick this early in the offseason period shows that tremendously.

Looking at the numbers, it makes it a little easier for Rex to make a decision. Off of Geno’s rocky rookie campaign, he posted a 66.5 QBR, accounted for 18 total TD’s, and was the culprit in 25 turnovers. Geno showed improvement over the last 4 games of the season, going 3-1 and only accumulating two turnovers, but consistency is not Smith’s strongpoint.

That is what Rex is looking for, consistency, and believe it or not Mike Vick is a step up in that category with Smith. Vick’s career QBR of 80.9 is much better, and his early season starts will give the Jets a steady Veteran presence while giving Geno some more time to develop into the guy that the Jets need him to be. It’s pretty evident that Geno needs the time to grow, and it could be the best option for the Jets to win in the interim.

Ron Jaworski has also projected Vick to be the starter in New York multiple times, and I couldn’t agree more. Time is what the Jets need with Geno, and Vick provides that option for a bit.

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