Patriots Signing Longtime New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith |

Patriots Signing Longtime New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith

The New England Patriots are signing longtime New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith. The deal is likely to be of the one-year variety after Smith missed the entire 2013 season due to an ACL tear. 

It was rumored a month ago that the Patriots were the favorites to land the former Saints star defensive end and they were probably just waiting for his price to drop a little.

Now that New England has signed Smith, they will most likely avoid a DL in the first couple of rounds but then again, it’s the Patriots we are talking about. They will take anyone that they feel deserves to be taken regardless of who is on the current team.

In his nine-year stint in the NFL, all with the Saints, Will only missed 5 games and played all 16 in 2012 before tearing his ACL. He piled up 67.5 sacks along with 20 forced fumbles. 

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