Seahawks Make CB Richard Sherman Highest Paid |

Seahawks Make CB Richard Sherman Highest Paid

The Seattle Seahawks have made cornerback Richard Sherman the highest paid player at this position. The deal, which includes an enormous $40 million guaranteed, is a four-year extension for $57 million. 

Before Sherman got his $40 million guaranteed, the highest amount paid to a CB was $26 million to Aqib Talib by the Denver Broncos. This new contract will surely make more than a few raise their eyebrows but will probably set a new standard to which future lock-down corner backs will expect to be paid. 

This is great news for fellow CBs Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns and Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals. They are probably the next best two CBs that are looking for extensions.

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  • Brandon Berg

    I like this deal. In a passing league, it’s so important to lock up your corners, especially when yours is the best in the game. He’s only 26 and I think he’ll be 31 or so when this deal ends, so they effectively will be paying him for his best years and keeping him happy at the same time.

  • Ryan Setterlof

    I agree that it is a great deal for both sides. Sherman gets paid and the Seahawks lock up one of the top defensive backs in the league during his prime years. The only concern I have with the deal is what will happen when other corners start getting more money than Sherman. Will he stay content with his deal, or will he threaten to holdout of camp like Revis?

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