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Texas Rangers 1B Prince Fielder has Herniated Disc in Neck, Considered Day to Day

The Texas Rangers just can’t see to catch a break this season from an injury standpoint. First baseman Prince Fielder received an epidural injection in neck on Saturday morning in an effort to alleviate both pain and irritation in his neck as he attempts to play through this neck condition.

Fielder has reportedly been dealing with neck stiffness over the last month, which didn’t respond as her or the team hoped to oral anti-inflammatories. The injection would be the next step in the process to determine if conservative management will allow Fielder to play through this for the rest of the season.

A herniated disc occurs when the nucleus pulposus (jelly-like material in the center of the disc) pushes out of the normal structure of the disc, causing this herniation to “pinch” the nerve roots between each of the vertebrae. A pinching of the nerve causes pain, weakness, and/or numbness and tingling into the arms. The epidural is an injection of anti-inflammtory medication at the level of the herniation that attempts to cause the herniation to decrease, which would decrease the pressure and irritation on the nerve root.

It remains to be seen whether Fielder will be able to play through this issue. Depending on the severity of his symptoms, he could be back in the lineup early next week or could be out weeks. How he responds to the injection, rehab, and rest will dictate how he and the team move forward. We’ll take a wait and see approach, but have a plan B in place just in case the worst happens. And with the way this season has gone thus far for the Rangers, the worst, sadly, wouldn’t be a surprise.

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