Braves To Bench B.J. Upton In Favor Of Triple-A Catcher Bethancourt |

Braves To Bench B.J. Upton In Favor Of Triple-A Catcher Bethancourt

Mark Bowman from wrote today about the possibility of the Atlanta Braves calling up Triple-A Gwinnett catcher Christian Bethancourt, who has been on a tear recently, to replace Evan Gattis as the starter behind the plate. 

Of course if this happens, that would mean Gattis would move to left field while Jason Heyward mans center. In right would be Justin Upton

B.J. Upton has been nothing but a disappointment at the plate since signing his monster contract in 2013. His defense initially helped the Braves but even lately has become a liability as well. The Braves need to make a move to help the offense and defense. Heyward would be great in center while Gattis would be serviceable out in left, a position he started 48 games last year.

If at the very least, benching B.J. might help to get him jump started if given later in the year. This move will help the Braves now, assuming Bethancourt’s transition to the majors is smooth.

Fantasy baseball fans, especially those with two starting catchers, should be taking note and go roster him now if you have an available bench spot.

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  • george griffith

    Atlanta can not win a pennant without timely hitting, they must have contact hitters on a consistent basis, true they have good pitching, but think of the game that they’ve lost because, hitters not making contact at the plate. they need to run more, bunt people into scoring positions, play smart ball

    • Fantasy Football Junkie

      Great point George, so I assume you are in favor of calling up some help at the plate? I think this could be a great move for Atlanta if Bethancourt’s bat has finally matured.

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    I did not like BJ’s “hotdog” attitude when he was with Tampa. Nothing has changed except the Braves are out of a lot of money.

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