Official, Houston Texans' WR Andre Johnson Wants To Be Traded |

Official, Houston Texans’ WR Andre Johnson Wants To Be Traded

It’s official, or mostly official if you take the article written by the Houston Forward Times as fact. They state that Andre Johnson is officially looking for a trade. The future Hall of Fame receiver has been absent from all team activity this off season and everyone knew that he was unhappy but demanding a trade from team that many thought were Super Bowl contenders just a year ago is a quick about face. 

The Texans still have a ton of talent on the team and I have to believe that with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the quarterback this season, they can compete for a playoff spot. He’s no Matt Schaub, whatever that means, but he’s a good smart quarterback that can come in and win, especially with the arsenal ready to go. That’s assuming Johnson stays. If Andre were to leave, that would all but kill the Texans’ chances of a playoff spot this season. DeAndre Hopkins is a star in waiting but another year behind Andre would be the best thing for him while he develops. Given the keys to the ship this season, would most likely make Hopkins a fantasy star, but not probably propel the offense into greater things. Andre Johnson is a difference maker still and with his help, Houston could make a run in 2015. 

In the end, I think Andre is tired. Tired of Houston and tired of the Texans. Even though the team had the number one overall draft pick this year which made them the worst team in football, they are still in a much better situation than many other teams. He should evaluate the team, as a whole, before turning a blind eye. 

Arian Foster is back healthy. You have DeAndre in tow to help keep defenders from double-teaming you every snap. They have J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney rushing the opposing QB while Brian Cushing should be available at the start of the season.

Am I wrong? Are the Texans in that bad of shape heading into the 2014/15 season?


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