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Guardians Of The Fantasy Football Gridiron

August 1st will be the national premier of Guardians of the Galaxy; August is also when preseason football starts, Why not celebrate both great events with Guardians of the Gridiron? I have selected five “misfits” capable of launching huge offensive strikes against your opponents this season. These five MUST be on your squad this year and I ORDER you to draft them early.


1. Nick Foles – QB 1 ADP: 4th RD

In only 11 full games this 6’6” Howitzer scored 27pts on average. Compute 27pts for 16 games and we have 432pts for the season which is 2nd behind only Peyton Manning in Standard Scoring Leagues.


2. Jeremy Maclin – WR3 ADP: 5th RD

Listing Foles as leader of the “misfits” naturally selects our second Guardian in Maclin. Maclin comes into the year with far less hype then Desean Jackson did last year. He will be cheap, others will want him and he will be a Top 15 WR


3. Toby Gerhart – RB2 ADP: 6th RD

The tank is hyped up!!! This slayer of linebackers will be at the tip of tongues in your draft this year. You will draft him early and reap the benefits of having a 20 touch back that is a real threat to lead the NFL in touches. Coach Gus Bradley was looking for his volume grinder, and he found a dual threat battering-ram in Gerhart.


4. Carlos Hyde – RB5 ADP: 8th RD

My mission analysis already had Mr. Hyde in my sights. Now with the recent injuries to Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James, I only see Mr. Hyde “breaking out” as Frank Gore slows down.


5. Jarrett Boykin – WR 5 ADP: 12th RD 

With James Jones discharged and Randall Cobb always in sick call, that leaves an entire arsenal of catches to be had by Mr. Boykin. I project Boykin at 70 grabs and 1000 yards with a return to duty Aaron Rodgers.


This is Captain Fantasy, leader of men and fantasy tactician-OUT!

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Military Officer with two Combat Tours to Iraq. Veteran of Fantasy Football for over 10 years, participant of the 2009 WSFF and sensitive lover to the World Champion Seattle Seahawks. Loving father to an amazing 6 year old girl who hates football, but warms Daddy's heart with an occasional "Go Seahawks"!
  • Chris

    I am a huge 9ers I didn’t know about Carlos Hyde. Thanks for that update!!!

  • Christopher Ziza

    Captain Fantasy, welcome to the FFLockerRoom family! While I don’t necessarily agree with drafting Foles in the fourth, I can’t really claim that he will be a bust there either. I have Foles as my fifth best quarterback heading into 2014 as of today. I’d love to see a Guardians of the Gridiron and let me know who the evil villains are that we should avoid!

  • Adam Inman

    Never disappoint do you cap’n, while I share the sentiment on Foles with our General….the numbers (recognizing that it was an insanely small sample size) are tough to argue with. Howitzer….Love it!

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