Fantasy Baseball Two-Start Pitchers Week 20: Brett Oberholtzer and More |

Fantasy Baseball Two-Start Pitchers Week 20: Brett Oberholtzer and More

We are getting closer and closer to the fantasy baseball playoffs and you really need to start scraping to get that weekly advantage. Generally half the teams in most baseball leagues are phoning it in. Don’t be that team. If you have a shot, stay tough and pick up a two-start pitcher to give you an edge.

I will give you the players name and who his opponents are. Make sure to pay attention to his opponents and that is why they could be categorized accordingly. I will drop the pitcher into one of five categories. The Front Row will be reserved for the elite and shouldn’t even be paid attention to. They will be owned in all leagues and you need not concern yourself. The Second Level will be for the guys that are almost elite and should be owned in 100% of leagues. The Third Level is where we can start to find some guys that might be available in shallow leagues and could be good bets for the week based on match ups. The Upper Deck is for guys that are starting twice but have some definite issues. Either it’s the match ups they face or their terrible play on the field recently. And lastly, the Parking Lot is reserved for guys that you should be avoiding at all costs.

Fantasy Baseball Two-Start Pitchers for Week 20: August 18th – August 24th, 2014


Max Scherzer (Tigers) – Tuesday @TB, Sunday @MIN

Chris Sale (White Sox) – Monday vs BAL, Sunday @NYY



Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) – Tuesday vs ARI, Sunday vs SF – Don’t rag on me for putting Strasburg down here in the second level. He just isn’t consistent enough. Every week, he squeezes a gem and dud. He’s still very good but until he comes through on a regular basis, stringing together a run of great games, he’s a second rung kind of pitcher.

Jordan Zimmermann (Nationals) – Monday vs ARI, Saturday vs SF – I was tempted to put Zimmerman ahead of Strasburg but held back. While he has been the more consistent pitcher, he’s not nearly as talented.

Chris Archer (White Sox) – Tuesday vs DET, Sunday @TOR

Kyle Hendricks (Cubs) – Monday @NYM, Saturday vs BAL – I’m a big believer in Hendricks. Owned in about 33% of leagues currently, the Cubs will probably allow Hendricks to pitch into September. He won’t be there for a lot of playoffs as Chicago is out of the race and won’t risk injuring one of their blue chip players of the future. Get him now and use him until the plug is pulled.

Ervin Santana (Braves) – Monday @PIT, Saturday @CIN

Ian Kennedy (Padres) – Tuesday @LAD, Sunday @ARI

Chase Anderson (Diamondbacks) – Tuesday @WSH, Sunday vs SD – Anderson has been really good throwing 6 straight quality starts and is still owned in just 10% of leagues. Not a bad pickup if you want a two-start for the week.


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