Is Delay In Josh Gordon's Case A Calculated Move By The NFL? |

Is Delay In Josh Gordon’s Case A Calculated Move By The NFL?

It has been two plus weeks since Josh Gordon and his team appealed the suspension handed down from the NFL of a one-year ban because of substance abuse. The entire fantasy football community is waiting patiently.

A decision is supposed to, maybe, come at the end of this week. Granted, every week since the appeal, a source has said a decision was coming soon. And it hasn’t. I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, this is a calculated move by Roger Goodell and the league office to try and give Gordon as much support as he can get before the hammer drops.

We all know that the time is coming. The likelihood that his suspension drops to 8 games is probably not going to happen. Whether we agree with the rules on substance abuse and which substances should matter more, the rules are the rules… for now. But we also know that Gordon is likely to spiral out of control when not monitored and held in check by the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have him at camp now and for the time being, Gordon has to be a good boy on the off chance his appeal works. Maybe Roger is hoping that this extra time focusing on the game will help him make it through the suspension without falling on his face. 

We shall see, and even though I wouldn’t bet on Gordon surviving a year ban unscathed, I hope he proves me wrong. 

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  • Christopher Ziza

    What a major blow for Cleveland Browns fans, their quarterback(s) and fantasy footballers in general. Hopefully he straightens his life out much like the Cris Carter’s and Ray Lewis’ did.

  • pihc

    So far, he looks like he’s been toking it up before the games as he’s just slow. Doesn’t look like the same person.

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