Jets Name QB Geno Smith Week 1 Starter, Disappointed In Michael Vick |

Jets Name QB Geno Smith Week 1 Starter, Disappointed In Michael Vick


Jets Name QB Geno Smith Week 1 Starter, Disappointed In Michael Vick: Geno Smith looked very sharp Friday night in the New York Jets 35-24 loss to the New York Giants. Passing for 137 yards on 9 of 14 passing, he ended the game with one touchdown and no interceptions, highlighted by a 27-yard strike to newcomer WR Eric Decker. On a side note, the Jets staff has expressed disappointment in veteran quarterback Michael Vick as they feel that he is not taking the backseat to Smith nearly as hard as they had hoped.

FFLockerRoom Sports: What a circus. Last thing first, come on Rex Ryan and staff! Mad at Vick? You spent the free agent wooing telling Vick that he is the bonafide #2 and that Smith is the guy. You then spent all preseason adding blocks to that wall and all of a sudden you are worried and disappointed that Vick took the news graciously? Come on! I mean, I don’t agree with how he used to treat dogs, but he has turned himself into a legitimate team player. He isn’t complacent, he wants to support Smith and win. Two totally different stories.

As far as Smith is concerned, it is good to see him staying interception free while tossing one for a touchdown, During his rookie season he threw two interceptions for nearly every touchdown (21:12) while passing for 3,046 yards. The key for the young quarterback this year will lie heavily on veteran RB Chris Johnson and WR Decker, both of whom were brought into the system via free agency this past off-season. He starts the season as a QB3 in deeper fantasy football leagues with an outside chance at working his way up to low-end QB2 in 12-team leagues.

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  1. Lets not forget, even with his haphazard crew of receivers a year ago, Geno Smith had some really nice games. Of course that often bookended a complete stinker, but I believe he had maybe 4 or 5 20+ point games in standard leagues. That was more that other quarterbacks going way ahead of him. With Decker, a sure handed route runner and Johnson plus Amaro and Cumberland at TE, this offense is much better.

  2. Your memory serves you well Tom! If you check out my quarterback proficiency report you will see that he actually had 6 of them, 1 of which was a 30 point effort. But he was one of the least profficient quarterbacks in the NFL last year.

    Granted, you have to remember that was his rookie year and his offense was a skeleton crew of what it is now. I believe Smith has an outside shot at top-24 this year and could develop into a solid QB2 in time. Until he is surrounded by something that mimics the Lions though, I don’t ever see him becoming a QB1 option.

    Here is the report Tom:

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