Lacking Team Depth At WR? Here Are Some Sleepers To Consider! |

Lacking Team Depth At WR? Here Are Some Sleepers To Consider!


It always happens. I draft a team that I think is incredible, but then I notice a glaring hole in my WR2 or WR3 spot. If you guys are anything like me, this article should be a big time help. Lets win this league together. Below you will find three quick-hit sleepers to consider when you find yourself in a pickle. 

1. Mohamed Sanu, CIN- Mohamed Sanu has a huge opportunity in his hands this year. This lengthy, quick, talented receiver was looking like a third option for the Bengals, but then Cincy’s #2 Marvin Jones went down with a broken foot. This opens a spot for Sanu to play opposite from A.J. Green. Mohamed’s stock should be rising with a nice performance versus the Jets. He was hooked up with a 43 yard touchdown bomb. Watch out for Sanu, and pick him up for a quality secondary receiver. 

2. Kelvin Benjamin, CAR- Benjamin is heading into his rookie season in Carolina. The Panthers lost nearly their whole receiving core this offseason and Superman is going to have to find his new Steve Smith. Benjamin has some of the best hands i’ve seen in a while and will lay out for a ball. He was the main man for Jameis Winston in FSU and I think he’ll do the same in Carolina. Benjamin is a sure-fire pickup with the potential to be a Julio Jones type player his rookie year. 

3. Kenbrell Thompkins, NE- If you are a real risk taker this might to the trick. Thompkins could put up 0 points a week, but the next put up 10. I’m not even too sure about this guy. He had a nice first half of the season last year but will take a hit from the return of Gronk. In a 14 team league with no other options, Kenbrell could be a possibility for you.

While I am new to the FFLockerRoom Sports team, I am not a newbie when it comes to fantasy football. Together we can make this a successful season. Who are some of the sleepers that you are relying on in your drafts this year? Please let us know by commenting below. 


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  1. Great trio of possibilities man. Welcome to the FFLockerRoom Sports family!

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