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Daily Fantasy Sports is the most exciting thing to happen to fantasy sports since… well… EVER! You get a chance to create a brand new lineup each and every single day. There is no dealing with a lost season because your superstar just went down. There is no dealing with the league a**hole, having to try to pull off a trade just to save your season. Nope, with DFS you have a chance at not only staying free from the annoyances of full-season leagues, but you can also pick and choose when you want to play. And the prizes? Most likely much higher on a nightly basis than what you would ever take home from winning your league. So why not play now?

FFLockerRoom has scoured the internet looking for the best deals for you, the end-user, to get you going on the right foot. Yes, these are affiliate links, but they often offer you much more than just going to the site and signing up. It helps us keep our site in the black and it helps you out by offering you more lucrative advantages. And best of all, these are sites that we actually play on. Sites that we personally love!

And if you are worried about not knowing who to plug into your lineups at night, don’t be! FFLockerRoom offers DFS advice for the NFL. 

Please take advantage of the offers below. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us! Good luck and see you at the winner’s table. 



Why DraftKings? They offer a 100% match on your first deposit up to $600, offer several freerolls on all sports and is a heavy-hitter as they are one of the biggest DFS sites out there and pay out very quickly. You will never be lacking for fun and excitement. 


Why Victiv? Their 100% match on first-time deposits is unbelievably set at $1,000. They also offer six “bankroll” builder tickets. If you beat their computer, you win a free $5.00 buy-in to a select contest. The best part about Victiv though has to be their “Sub” roster spot. Pick a player at $5000 or less cap-cost and if he outperforms anyone on your active roster, their stats are swapped.


Why FanDuel? They offer great matches for first-time deposits, great freeroll contests and pay out very quickly. They pay out $10,000,000 in prizes each week and contests start as low as $1.00. What’s stopping you?



247Drafts is a newcomer on the scene. They offer expanded rosters, deeper pockets and freeroll contests for every major sport, every single day of the week! You can literally build up a bankroll without having to deposit. But once you try them out I am sure you will be enticed into playing their bigger games.