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Fantasy Football Glossary

The past couple of decades the popularity of fantasy sports has risen dramatically, particularly fantasy football. And with that, it has brought in many different walks of life, many of whom do not understand the game like a seasoned veteran does.

To help you with the transition into the world of fantasy football, FFLockerRoom has compiled an ever-growing list of terminology that you will find during your fantasy ventures. If you don’t know what the definition of PPG, Snake Draft, Team Defense or Waivers means, don’t fret. You soon will!

Add/Drop The process of adding or dropping a new player from your roster.
ADP Acronym for “Average Draft Position.”
Auction Draft Type of fantasy league where each team is given a set amount of “cap space” to put together a team.
Autopick Draft Type of fantasy league where players are assigned automatically to a team.
Bargain A player that you draft later than what you expected him to go, yet he has a successful fantasy season.
Bench Otherwise known as your reserves. These are the players that you will use to substitute out players for any reason such as a BYE.
Bust A player that falls short comparative to what he should had statistically during the season.
Bye Week The week that a NFL team is off during the season.
Cheat Sheet Drafting tool that lists all of the eligible players to be drafted, usually in some sort of “ranked” perspective.
Coach/Owner The person who runs a fantasy team.
Commissioner Person who runs the fantasy league.
Cut/Drop The process of cutting or dropping a player from your team.
D/ST Acronym for “Defense/Special Teams” where an owner owns both, the defense and special teams of a NFL team.
DBTH Acronym for “Don’t Believe The Hype.” As I like to say, don’t get too high or too low on someone.
Deep League Leagues that have more than 12 teams or very large rosters. Usually played by seasoned fantasy vets.
Depth Chart A chart where NFL organizations rank their players in-depth perspective. Starter, Backup, 2nd Backup
Distance Points “Extra points” otherwise known as “Bonus points.” Achieved when your fantasy player hits a certain statistical mark during a game.
Doubtful An injury list term where the player is expected to play even less than what a questionable person would be.
Draft The name of the procedure where the fantasy league gets together in person, online or by ballot and drafts the teams.
Dynasty League Type of fantasy league where a teams entire roster carries over from one season to the next.
FF/FFB Both are the acronym for fantasy football.
Flex The “Flex” position allows team owners to plug-in a player from a group of different positions into their lineup. Check league rules.
Flyer The process in which you take a chance on a player in hopes that he continues to do well.
Free Agent (FA) Player that is not owned and is available for immediate pickup. (Players on waiver wire are not available for immediate pickup.)
General Manager Same as the coach or owner. The person who runs a fantasy team.
Ghost ship A fantasy team that is not owned or being ran by an individual person. Usually an orphaned team.
Handcuff The practice of drafting your stars real NFL team backup to prepare for injury. Normally done at the RB or QB position.
IDP Acronym for “Individual Defensive Players.”
Injured Reserve (IR) An injury list used by NFL teams to place players on if they expect him to not be able to play for the rest of the season.
Keeper League Type of fantasy league where teams are allowed to keep a select amount of players agreed upon by the owners in whole.
Live Draft Type of fantasy league where teams select players in “real-time.” Can be online or offline.
Mock Draft A fake draft that mimics a real draft. Helps owners get prepared for their up-and-coming drafts.
Online Draft A fantasy draft conducted online through one of many fantasy websites.
Offline Draft A fantasy draft conducted in person.
OUT An injury list term. Used when a player is not going to play that week.
Performance Scoring A fantasy league scoring system in which players accumulate points for yardage on top of the basic standard scoring.
Pickup Same as “Add” in which you are placing a player onto your team.
Playoffs Fantasy playoffs, much like the NFL, is when a team vies for championship glory.
Position Numbers QB1, QB2, RB1, RB2.. A way to show a players value. The lower the number the better the player.
Probable An injury list term. Used when a player is expected to play in the game.
Projected The amount of fantasy points that a player is expected to produce during any given week or the whole season.
QBBC Acronym for “Quarterback By Committee.” Where a NFL team uses more than one QB. No main QB has claimed the job.
Questionable An injury list term. Used when a player isn’t expected to play in this weeks game but still has a shot at doing so.
Ranking The act of ranking is when you take a list of players and sort them from best to worst, usually OVERALL or by POSITION.
RBBC Acronym for “Running Back By Committee.” Where a NFL team uses more than one RB. No main RB has claimed the job.
Reach Drafting a player much earlier than he was anticipated in going in your leagues draft.
Reserves Otherwise known as your bench. These are the players that you will use to substitute out players for any reason such as a BYE.
Scrub A player that holds no fantasy football value.
Slacker A team owner who fails to check his team regularly or doesn’t participate in league banter.
Sleeper Players drafted, usually later rather than early, who are not coveted by most owners but still hold “potential” value.
Smack-talk Giving your fellow league member(s) a jab or two, usually done during the week that you are facing one another.
Snake (Serpentine) This is the standard draft process where the #1 pick goes to team 1, #12 and #13 go to team 12 and then back to team #1.
Standard League Type of fantasy league where the scoring system in which offensive players are awarded points for yards and touchdowns only.
Starters The players on a fantasy roster that are eligible to accrue points during that weeks contest.
Stats A players numerical feats during any given week.
Team Defense Leagues where a NFL team defense is selected and accrues points as a whole rather than IDP.
Team QB A concept which allows for the drafting of a “Team QB” rather than individual quarterbacks. Example: DET QB rather than Stafford.
Trade When two or more teams come to a culmination where players from each team is exchanged between rosters.
Transaction A roster change of any sort. Could be a trade, a free agent signing, drafting a player, etc…
Waivers A waiver wire period in which a player that is not drafted or is released goes through a waiting period before becoming a FA.
Waiver Priority List Can be created by standings, last free agent transaction or other. Many leagues are different. Know your rules!