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OwnThePlay Is Giving $25 FREE to Everyone



The Daily Fantasy Stadium is proud to announce our newest partnership with OwnThePlay. This up-and-coming DFS website is looking to make a big splash in the daily fantasy industry. In the coming weeks there will be a lot of excitement (we wish we could tell you now), so this is absolutely the best time to get in, before all the smaller fish get scared away.

What this means:

OwnThePlay is giving $25 FREE to everyone who signs up with our code: DAILYSTADIUM. When you make your first deposit, all you need to do is put in $25 and they will give you $25 in tournament cash for FREE. Not only that, but they offer a 1-time deposit bonus of 2,500%! You won’t find a better deal on the Internet than that—trust us. We’ve tried.

OwnThePlay is giving $25 FREE to everyone who signs up with our code: DAILYSTADIUM. When you make a deposit of $25, they will match it with $25 in tournament cash for FREE. Take advantage of offers like these to boost your chances of winning today.

Will you win:

Not only are they practically giving away money, but the player pools on Own the Play are incredibly small. Week 4 I deposited $25 and turned it into $120 by playing in only 2 contests. I’ve put the winning lineups below so you can see that I even had some bad calls, and still won almost 5x my investment. These are the kinds of ROI The Daily Fantasy Stadium loves to share with our DFS players.

How to play:

This is the only site we know of that offers live ownership percentages while you construct your lineup. OwnThePlay let’s you see who’s chalk and who’s not. To take advantage of the FREE $25 offer, enter our code: DAILYSTADIUM to unlock the $25 bonus. We have Sunday lineups for OwnThePlay and 4 other sites this weekend, so don’t spend all your bankroll in one place. We’ve got you covered for the rest of the season.

Proof is in the lineups:

Here are the two lineups I entered for Week 4. I played a $25 head-to-head match with the money I deposited, and I put the FREE $25 from OwnThePlay in their largest GPP. Needless to say, neither would have done exceptionally well on larger sites, but because the overlays are so great, I made a solid profit.

Own the Play_10.6.15

As you can see, I finished 10th in the GPP with an inferior QB/WR stack that took up most of my budget, but Greg Olsen also failed to pull through. The difference between taking 10th and taking 1st was Devonta Freeman. This contest paid out $37.50 to 25th place. There were 94 total entries when the contest closed. That means by beating 1 out of every 4 players, you would see a 50% return on your GPP entry. Those kind of odds aren’t available on larger sites, especially not against this level of competition.

Own the Play_Week 4_10.6.15

It’s nothing to write home about, but winning a head-to-head by almost 40 points in a week as low scoring as Week 4 is nothing to scoff at, either. Even with Lance Dunbar‘s injury and a lack-luster performance from Aaron Rodgers, this lineup held it’s own and turned my $25 into $45. Moving forward I will post lower priced head-to-heads for others to pick up, so this is a great start to my OwnThePlay experience. I couldn’t be happier with how Week 4 ended up on this site (except for maybe playing Freeman).

What next:

The Daily Fantasy Stadium will be bringing more of these smaller sites into our lives, and  the good news is that there will be lineups and FREE entries or deposits for each one. Even though playing on DraftKings or FanDuel is a lot of fun and we could win $1 million, we can also win 5x our investment on these smaller sites to supplement our income.

The best way to make money at DFS is by exploiting overlays, redeeming free entries, and taking advantage of referral programs. On newer sites like OwnThePlay, there aren’t a lot of sharks circling the weekly GPPs. That is, until they partnered up with The Daily Fantasy Stadium. Now we can all feast happily on Sundays, one promotional code at a time. Enter the code: DAILYSTADIUM on and get your FREE $25 immediately!

If you have any questions about Own the Play, the FREE $25 tournament cash, or DFS in general, ask us on Twitter: @DailyStadium or reach out to me personally @mysleepers. We want to help you, because if you win, we win (and we love to win).