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Week 3 FanDuel DFS Lineups

Cash Lineups and Guaranteed Prize Pool entries for FanDuel DFS in Week 3 of the NFL


***Reminder: All lineups are property of The Daily Fantasy Stadium, LLC. They are custom made by The DFS staff and submitted under the site owner, Taylor Christianson’s personal accounts. If you don’t win, he doesn’t win. If he doesn’t win, well… let’s hope we never have to find out. If you choose to make your own lineups, make sure to consult¬†The DFS Blue Book written by Andrew Ferris. Questions? Contact us @DailyStadium

Week 3 FanDuel DFS Lineups

It’s been a busy week here at The Daily Fantasy Stadium. We were fortunate to escape the onslaught of injuries that occurred last week. Our only downfall was The Play of the Week: A.J. Green. If you click the link on his name, you’ll notice he didn’t do diddly in Week 2.¬†whomp whomp

There’s no use dwelling in the past, though. After all, we built our bankrolls two-fold on DraftKings and earned a sizable profit on FanDuel and FantasyDraft as well. Our GPPs were right on the edge, but without Stefon Diggs (and sporting AJG) it was tough to stay in the standings before Monday night ended. We’ve doubled our efforts internally to ensure that mortgages, car payments, grocery bills, beer coolers, and vacations can all be taken care of.

Below are the Week 3 FanDuel DFS Lineups. They have been redone four times this week to accommodate injury updates, player ownership, starting lineups, and gut checks. There isn’t a player on these lineups that hasn’t been cross-examined by our DFS staff. Over 50 man hours have gone into making the lineups, not counting media consumption or subconscious daydreaming about roster construction (which never really stops). We hope you’ll join us this week as we boost our bankrolls and set sail for mid-season DFS glory.

Cash Lineup

Position Player Opponent Salary Rating
QB Dak Prescott vs. CHI Bears 7100 4
RB DeAngelo Williams @ PHI Eagles 8800 5
RB David Johnson @BUF Bills 8400 4
WR Mike Evans vs. LA Rams 8000 4
WR Eric Decker @ KC Chiefs 7300 5
WR DeVante Parker vs. CLE Browns 6200 3
TE Trey Burton vs. PIT Steelers 4500 4
PK Graham Gano vs. MIN Vikings 4900 5
DST Miami Dolphins vs. CLE Browns 4600 4

From top to bottom, this is a secure cash lineup. If posting head-to-head contests isn’t your thing, enter this into a Double Up. FanDuel has $5-$25 Double Ups. Some can be entered multiple times. We frequently run a train with our Double Up lineups, meaning we enter the same lineup multiple times. That way if one cashes, they all cash. Last week the DFS staff was able to ride their “cash trains” into a 105% ROI.

Dak Prescott plays at home against a Chicago Bears team that was decimated by injuries during last week’s Sunday night game. The Bears are down five DBs, two safeties, three MLBs, and their sophomore stud NT Eddie Goldman. In short, the Cowboys are going to eat and Prescott’s leading the charge. DeAngelo Williams and David Johnsons have the highest TD upside, which is all we look for on FD for RBs in cash.

Our WRs are all high-upside guys with big catch ability and an above-average chance of scoring multiple TDs. Eric Decker may be the starting WR for the Jets with Brandon Marshall nursing an injury. DeVante Parker is back to full health and already has a 100+ yard receiving game this season. Mike Evans is redifining the my-ball mentality. Last week, Evans had 17 targets but was held in check by the elite Arizona Cardinals DST. This week he’ll face the undersized LA Rams secondary. Cha-ching.

Just like with RBs, the TE position is all about TDs. With so many questions at the position, we went with a minimum price player who can pay off his tag in a single reception. Trey Burton is filling in for Zach Ertz and has already acclimated to rookie QB Carson Wentz. With the Steelers coming to town, it shouldn’t take long before Wentz is searching for his new TE. Graham Gano is a stud and the Vikings can actually play defense. It’s always a crap shoot, but we like Gano to score 10+. Finally, the Miami Dolphins DST. Why? Two words: Cody Kessler.

Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP)

Position Player Opponent Salary Rating
QB Eli Manning vs. Washington 7700 5
RB Ezekiel Elliott vs. CHI Bears 8100 4
RB Jeremy Hill vs. DEN Broncos 6400 3
WR Allen Robinson vs. BAL Ravens 7900 5
WR Sterling Shepard vs. Washington 6500 3
WR Victor Cruz vs. Washington 5800 4
TE Jordan Reed @ NY Giants 7500 4
PK Cairo Santos vs. NY Jets 5000 5
DST Arizona Cardinals @ BUF Bills 5100 5

Last season we cashed in big on Week 3 GPPs. Our key to success was targeting games that had been overlooked by the fantasy community. You may have heard previous GPP winners say they “zigged where others zagged.” We’re not much for designs here, but we’re all about seeing our name at the top of the leader board. Ask Andrew Ferris what it feels like to go to sleep with $1,000,000 next to your name (and then ask how it felt to finish with less than $1,000). We know what it takes, and we won’t be persuaded by the masses.

It’s clear we believe in the New York Giants offense. We also don’t believe in the Washington defense. While Josh Norman and Odell Beckham play patty cake on the outside, we’re going to be cashing in on an Eli Manning, Sterling Shepard, and Victor Cruz stack. Mmmmm, sounds delicious. If that wasn’t enough we brought Jordan Reed into the folds and went with a quad-stack. Not uncommon for FanDuel as it’s all about TDs. The game with the most TDs is the game you want to stack. We believe WAS vs. NYG is that game.

Ezekiel Elliott is going to have a great game against the pitiful Bears front seven. Our only concern is whether there are higher scoring RBs on the slate. We paired Elliott with our Contrarian Play of the Week, Jeremy Hill. Since 2014, no RB has scored more rushing TDs than Jeremy Hill. This week Hill faces the Broncos who are actually susceptible to the run (especially on the road). If the Bengals need two goal line TDs, we’ll be cashing in bigtime.

Cairo “Seven Deadly Field Goals” Santos is our GPP kicker. Not sure why? Check his opponent. Check his location. Check his past success. Check his name. Cash your check. Finally, the Arizona Cardinals are elite. They are Super Bowl favorites for a reason and the Buffalo Bills are without Sammy Watkins and Ex-OC Greg Roman. It’s unlikely the Bills score more than 20 in this game, but the Cardinals DST could score 21.